Nolan's downfall.

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It's cuz I've got a phd in internet anthropology. I've read so much forum bullshit over the years that I've become the David Attenborough of fanboys (if they made a documentary about it it would be Neckbeards In The Mountain Dew); I know what these ladies and gentlemen are gonna say about a movie before the movie comes out, and it's because they've got cyclical behavior: a movie/tv show/book/actor/director is obscure for awhile, and they love it, because they feel like it's their's. Their constant discussion of said property or person may lead to it/them getting more mainstream appeal, and they start to turn on it almost instantly. The director's now a hack, the lead actor's a dick, the writers betrayed them, all that maudlin shit.

They've created a fictional relationship between them and the director or movie series, and nothing will live up to the idealistic relationship they've imagined (just look at George Lucas and his fans, with the "he raped my childhood" stuff). They think the filmmakers who don't know that they even exist owe them something, but they never make it clear how they expect the filmmakers to pay them back (or what they owe them). They don't even realize that's not their job.

No matter how shitty a director's output may get, it's not up to him or her to keep up with the fantasies of online fans; that's impossible and insane. Fanboys have the same relationship with directors like George Lucas that Travis had with Betsy in Taxi Driver.

It'll happen to Nolan, probably, and Nolan neither should nor will give a shit. He'll sip his tea and never even know we exist.
Holy shit. This guy is awesome.

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