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ChristMAX wrote:In a recent interview (can't find it at the moment), he said he has a fairly decent projector at home. He also said he's screened a few 5/70 films to his children so I'm going to assume it's a 5/70 projector and/or a 35 mm projector at the least.
Thank you. Yeah I couldnt find it either, but I think it was the Playboy one where he mentions films he screened for his children.

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I just don't like the AR switching at home. He presents a great case for it on 15/70 IMAX screens that can enlarge to the 1.44:1 ratio, but not at home on a 60" screen that only opens up to a 1.78:1 ratio. I'd just prefer we had a constant AR.

Granted, I make my own versions that doesn't switch the AR myself so I can't complain too much, but I'm merely arguing his principles in the matter.

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Not sure where to post this, but this is how the upcoming 4K blu-ray releases will look like, these are Canadian slipcovers, but US will be the same as always:


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"Inception Origine"...? :eh:

User of Interest wrote:"Inception Origine"...? :eh:
canadian covers

edit: everything sold in canada is bilingual, for context
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User of Interest wrote:"Inception Origine"...? :eh:
It's the English word and then the French word.

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