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I do remember that incident a few (2014? maybe?) years ago with a 17 year old girl visiting NYC and Franco trying to hook up with her online, there were receipts and all. It was really weird, but I kind of just assumed Franco was being drunk or idiotic or something and didn't genuinely try to do it. I think he also addressed this incident, so you can't really say everything's been made up.

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Michaelf2225 wrote:
bootsy wrote:
Michaelf2225 wrote:i can't believe people are still trying to paint Allen as somehow equal to Weinstein, Singer, Spacey, etc.
He is. Maybe worse.
i urge you to read this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-woody ... ot-so-fast
I'm not going to get into some long discussion about Woody Allen and definitely not going to read some article from the daily beast. I know enough about Allen to know that he's fucking gross and is just as bad as Spacey, Weinstein, etc.

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WhY iZ a MaN h0sTiNg?

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Woody is a weird guy but he's not a monster.

Weinstein, Polanski and others belong in their own category.

I could see Franco pulling his own name from consideration and if not the Academy will.

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"Why is a man hosting?"
Good grief...

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