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What was your last Purchase?

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What was the last thing you bought?

Me: Chicken Bacon Sandwich in a baguette! Awesome.
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I bought a white and navy small checked blazer :thumbup:
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Southwestern Eggrolls at an airport Chilli's at LAX. That was more than a week ago. See, this is the best thing about living at home. You don't have to buy stuff because your parents buy it for you.
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A cheese and onion sandwich from my local. Fuck yeah!
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Mason01 wrote:A cheese and onion sandwich from my local. Fuck yeah!

:| Where's the bacon?
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I always save the best until last...
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Location: Castle
spf 60 sunscreen
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Ticket for Harry Potter. Before that, a vest.

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christophmac wrote:Lucozade.

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