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niniendowarrior wrote:Hey akv, anything on the script yet? :)
I got a bit sidetracked for a little while. It's in the works!

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I've written a few short stories over the years, most of which are really bad, but most people I have read them really enjoyed one of them, so perhaps i'll upload it if I get around to it.

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I've wrote this crap a long time ago.Even before any official announcement.
This is how I imagined TDKR should start.
Black.Fade In.
Suddenly we hear a voice
And there is a light on screen.It looks like light at the end of tunnel.
Camera is running through tunnel.A hand Extended ahead.Sddenly there is explosion a the other end.Glasses and metal shatters.
Batman screams:No!!!
Camera Pans around.
Batman is kneeling on the floor.his hand still Extended.Someone is coming toward him.
Two-Face:Look What you have done.
Batman:I didn't.
Two-Face:Who else then?
Batman takes back his hand.He looks down.In the fragment of glass there is a reflection.
Reflection is of Batman In Joker's Makeup...
He screams:NOOO!!!!!
Bruce Wayne wakes up in his batcave,sweating.He Touches his face.
Heavily Breathing,he looks around the room,at a screen.It is showing two feeds from survelliance cameras.
In one is Two-Face, absent-minded, playing with his coin.His other half is repaired.But there are scratches on it as though he has tried to rip skin from there.
In another,looking at camera as if trying to look beyond camera is The Joker.
Waiting for incoming. ;)

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In 2006 I started writing a screenplay about a guy who is able to enter the dreams of others, but in a supernatural way when he is sleeping at night. He works in a hospital, so he uses this power to help his friends, and give suffering people happy dreams. He keeps meeting this girl in the same dream in the same clothing and setting. Obviously he falls in love with her and romantic cheese ensues, but they can only meet in the same dream. At the end he finds out this girl was in a coma in his hospital, which is why he kept meeting her in the same dream. She dies.

That's obviously done. :problem:

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I'm writing stuff then I write again then I write again and so on...

I just want to write continuously till I find myself in that area where I'm feeling comfortable with what I've created...

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Semi-planned, going to write something incredibly small scale that even I could make, with a bunch of folks from the local drama club.

And I'm wasting some time on a pseudo-comedy now.

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I wrote a script just for fun. I even had an idea to film it at one point, but I never got round to it.
Have a look at it, my friend said "the details are really really interesting, but the dialogue doesn't even attempt anything" which looking back at it, looks true.
But have a look, see what you think:
WARNING: lots of script jargon
Fade In:
EXT. View from a car window
The music is atmospheric; creepy, but not foreboding.
The view passes bush and no houses show how really empty this place is.
Opening credits roll over the top of the zooming forest.
The music had been building up before the opening titles and continues to do so. It eventually gets to the peak of its ‘crescendo’ and the car driving past the bushes turns into a black screen. The music is low and dark, and the title “Polaroid” appears, accompanied by threatening music.
Fade Out

SFX of a Polaroid camera taking a picture, a second pause, and then it takes another picture and so on.
INT. House in the middle of forest, and only animals for company – Day
Cut quickly to the corner of a wall. The SFX is continuing.
Zoom out of the corner of the roof, to the POV of teen about 16 staring in wonder at the corner of a wall. The SFX is continuing, it’s possibly what the teen is worried about.
The noise suddenly sounds quieter as the teen ignores it and walks away to a nearby computer.
He looks mindlessly at the screen for a while. Then the phone rings.
Teen: Hello?
OS Dad Real Estate Agent: How’s the cleanup going?
Teen: There’s a lot of junk, but I should be fine. Who do you actually think will actually buy this place? It’s in the middle of no-where!
Teen turns around while talking.
Teen: It literally took an hour and a half to get down to here from the nearest bus-stop.
OS Dad: With the right amount of tradesman-ship, anything can be sold. For instance, ‘in the middle of no-where’ can be interpreted as ‘a peaceful getaway from the bustle of the city’
As the dad is talking OS the teen is already bored, miming the dad talking with his hand.
OS Dad: I’ll tell you more about that sort of stuff as soon as you clean up the place. You’re not getting paid for nothing you know.
The Teen spins back around.
Teen: Yeah, I know, well cya Dad, I have to clean or do something...
OS Dad: Do it as quick as you can; I want it presentable by the time I get down there.
Teen: (Dismissing him) yeah, sure. (Changing flow of conversation and topic) How much am I getting paid?
OS Dad: As much as I think you deserve to get paid.
Teen: (suddenly interested, he starts half bargaining, half joking) Minimum 1000 dollars.
OS Dad: Maximum 50 bucks. (In 3 words he silenced the teen)
Teen: (defeated, he becomes mock-glum) Fine. (Returning to a formal tone) It should be ready in an hour and a bit, more than enough time for you to come here.
OS Dad: See you then.
Teen doesn’t even acknowledge the goodbye, he immediately hangs up.
He spins back around facing the computer, and grabs a pen and fiddles with it. After giving a sigh, he gets up and starts cleaning. Of course, that is when the camera flash goes off again. He turns around quickly, and gets slightly frustrated, as he can’t see it what is flashing. He paces quickly to the wall and looks around, unknown the noise is both taunting and luring him. He puts his face against the wall focusing his ears to locate the noise. This is displayed through his facial expression, he is in deep concentration. The noise happens again. Suddenly, he knows where this mysterious noise is. He walks around the wall, to show a door. He walks over to the door and opens it.
There is nothing in the room except for a single Polaroid Camera which is on the floor. Right under the camera hundreds of photographs were lying on the floor obviously given out by the slot.
Teen: Stupid camera. To think I was going to take i---
As he picks up a piece of film it shows another teen, standing underneath a distant tree. He looks mildly sad, but it is hard to see him.

The teen was confused, how did the photo get taken inside this blank room? Who took it? Who is that person?
It suddenly dawned on him that that tree was outside. He ran outside to check whether his suspicions are true. There indeed was the tree, but there was no person. And the questions still plagued him. He is now mildly scared. He ran back inside, for it gave him comfort. He went instinctively to the camera. There was not the pile of pictures like he saw previously. They were all gone. Instead, there was one singular picture lay there on the floor. He terrifyingly picked it up. The teen in the previously picture he saw was up close to the camera, and looked like it was screaming. It was the same location, but the teen did not notice. He was petrified. The teen was frozen for a few seconds, before coming to his senses when a noise occurred in the other room. He walked in cautiously. Where he last put his phone, there was an empty place. Instead left on the floor, was a single battery.
The teen twirled around, like an animal caught in the headlights. There was that dreaded sound again. He held the battery like a child would hold a doll to comfort him.
He slowly walked towards to the room, and there was another singular picture on the floor of the tiny room. The picture was of a piece of paper which was on the floor of where he was standing. The piece of paper said “How are you?” and as soon as he read it, he paused; unaware of what to do.
Another picture whirred from the slot of the camera. It was a picture of a different piece of paper saying in messy, threatening scribble: “ANSWER ME”.
He rushed out of the room, went back to the desk, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and ran back. He quickly wrote:
“I AM FINE, WHO ARE YOU?” and placed it on the ground.
He suddenly didn’t know what to do with it. He audibly panicked, when all of a sudden another hostile picture came out: “I CAN READ IT. I AM JOSEPH WALT MANOTIN. WHAT ABOUT YOUUUUU”
If it weren’t for the menacing dragging of letters, the Teen would’ve felt a bit better knowing this person/creature/thing’s name.
“FRANK DIAPEN. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?” He wrote hastily. Another picture came out.
Frank hesitated, if communicating via photos was possible, surely this ‘JOSEPH’ could come out of thin air.
Yeah, it's a bit fan-fiction-ish, which I hate, but it's decent enough.

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I'm working on a screenplay idea I had a few weeks ago. It's all about the psychology of a Superhero and how that effects a persons sanity. I'm hoping to make it noir-ish.

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I have two notebooks filled with horrid songs I wrote as a kid, in English, no living soul has ever seen them or will ever see them..

I'm currently working on two feature film screenplays, one is a crime/thriller and the other war/fantasy. I've been slow on them lately though I just completed 10 pages for the crime one after so long so I'm pleased. Being extremely stressed (waiting for massive results today) helps, it seems. I also wrote 4 shorts these past 10 days.. never wrote a short beforehand, they're quite personal though and I doubt anyone who doesn't know me would get them.

I also love making up aphorisms and sometimes short poems or stories. Everything I write though is really odd and personal, except for the features. At times like now it's really important for me though I probably suck at it.

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