Do you take the oscars seriosly?

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Yes! I'm very invested. The right choice excites me, the wrong one upsets me etc.
Yea. The oscars are rad.
It's good dumb fun. I take it all with a grain of salt.
I hold many other awards/lists in a higher regard than the oscars.
No! I don't consider them legitimate and am against their popularity.
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This topic occasionally pops up but I'm curious if there's any consensus. Figured now would be a good time ask.
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only if Cooper wins tbh

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oh wtf I missed the Oscars lol

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The thing that make the Oscar matter most of all is the power that it might grant to the wrong hands, and misguided viewpoints that it might encourage. It's not just a group of people voting based on their own opinions. Their choice has a significant impact. There has to be more consideration other than what they find praiseworthy in term of cinematic flair or just simply enjoyable.£

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Master Virgo wrote:
February 25th, 2019, 4:11 am
It's not just a group of people voting based on their own opinions.
That's pretty much exactly what it is. That and campaigning.

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Thread has potential for drama.
I like it.


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Not for a long time.

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As an arbiter of a movie's quality? No.

As a barometer for the film industry and as cultural artifact? More or less.


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TBH I take the Oscars as a barometer for a certain sect of the film industry.

I mean there's a small group of people (small relative to the movie-going population) who get together every year and literally decided what art is good or not and whether or not it should be important.

I mean, if the voting population was extend to all 7 billion plus people, would they have said motherfucking Crash was best picture in 2005?

Like, what the fuck bruh, can I be on that group? Can I vote for Fifty Shades Freed? That shit was important to me!

And on top of that, the show and ceremony itself is by far the snobbiest thing in the industry. People act like movies are curing cancer or something. The whole night is just Hollywood jacking itself off, and it's worse when they select a film for best picture which is fucking about why Hollywood is so great. Like, The Artist or Argo.

It's like Trump giving him self a "best President" award every day.

But it's become this sort of self-fullfilling prophecy or whatever for me. Like, the Oscars only seem to have importance because other people think they're important.

So, when Mahershala Ali is one of my favorite actors currently and he just won his second Oscar in 3 years, obviously it means he'll be looked at first for certain roles. His stock goes up.

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The mere fact that not a single film in a foreign language to English has won Best Picture says enough.

Also agree with Vader and Cilly.

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