NolanFans - the official 10 year anniversary thread

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10 bloody years. Just think about it. And thank The Creators, while you’re at it.

Love it, hate it, you are still here. Congrats, this one’s for You! :clap:

*feel free to reminisce about the toxic waste that is the past, but I also highly encourage you to think (and post) about the brighter future that is the Great Sea of Gifs, Pratham puns and shortposting in 5, 4, 3...🕷️ [this spider is still here because I want to be cool like Vader, and Virgo]

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Tomorrow will be exactly 4 years since I joined. I made the decision to join because I was looking for some discussion topics about Interstellar, a movie that I found to be amazing and I was looking for people who equally appreciated it. It just so happened that I stayed because of my love for most Nolan films and some interesting points of view on film.

Sadly, I think I joined a little late. There were already cliques and long-time friends on here when I joined and I never felt truly welcomed. Some users have a habit of ridiculing others for their opinions on movies when it doesn't click exactly with theirs but if you find a person around here who doesn't mind not having a hive mind, there are interesting debates to be had.

I loved the Nolan retrospection we had around here and the many different takes on fresh media. I might not always agree with them but it's interesting to read and I try to keep things civil (notBatmanvSuperman not withstanding ;) it's actually a shame that this movie came out when it did because it was the most disappointing film of my life and my comments about it made me feel like more of a dick than I normally am).

I hope people will be equally active in the future, that we'll get a Nolan movie announcement SOON and that more people will try to respect the opinion of other users.

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I'm not sure why, but I made a Google search 10 years ago and NolanFans forums popped up - I registered but it turned out that the forums just started. As I mentioned before, I think I accidentally became the first registered user right after the admins (Alex and Teddy)... it's really weird to think that Inception wasn't even announced at that time, so it's been a long time :D I'm not a very active member, compared to a lot of other prominent members, but I always come here every now and then, especially around new announcements and upcoming trailers. NolanFans is always my prime choice when it comes to bootleg trailer releases! Keep it up, people.

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I'm only good at puns? :crazy:

Anyway, where's the cake?


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i don’t think this place is as bad, but maybe i got lucky to join after the worst had already happened or whatever. but come to think of it, i did feel kinda intimidated to post at first. i don’t think most people even acknowledged my existence for like a year lol

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The prime of this place was tdkr days, that summer was the GOAT. People were really hilarious and the rules weren’t so strict. I miss the chat days with steve, fox, caine, prince, etc. good dumb fun

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Fuck, do I miss Mr. Caine.£

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ChristNolan wrote:
January 3rd, 2019, 11:40 am
The prime of this place was tdkr days, that summer was the GOAT. People were really hilarious and the rules weren’t so strict. I miss the chat days with steve, fox, caine, prince, etc. good dumb fun
It was fun when everyone stated creating shit threads and rioting and Talli was still around and we got shit like this:


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Master Virgo wrote:
January 3rd, 2019, 1:44 pm
Fuck, do I miss Mr. Caine.£
Up until a year ago i very actively chatted and played with him on steam, but i havent used Steam in a while

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yeah this place is a cancer


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