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much appreciated folks you are all beautiful people!

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bought a bottle of Wild Turkey because of celebrity endorsement lol

their honey whiskey is pretty damn good

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when your directing professor and your dp’s cinematography professor are plotting against your 16mm ambitions
give me artistic freedom you aren’t complaining about everyone else’s theses being shot digitally

it’s just annoying cuz i did it last year and my prof was like fuck yea, but it’s a whole thing with my new teachers this year for some reason

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At the Charli XCX concert. Everyone here is a child lol. I saw parents drop their kids off and a dad give his daughter cash for food and merch.

It's happening. I'm officially one of The Olds.

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When I saw Gorillaz it was the same way. Parents getting their kids up on seats so they could see above people.

DRAM opened and played hilariously inappropriate videos on the screen while he performed and I saw parents panicking.

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That was such a fun concert! Now for Marina and the Diamonds on Thursday!

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