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Michaelf2225 wrote:
September 6th, 2019, 1:31 pm
Master Virgo wrote:
September 6th, 2019, 1:29 pm
The rule is: don't gang up against members I like, no matter what they do, otherwise I'll come at you with my speech about the morality of it all.

But you want to gang up against members I don't like, by all means, go ahead, you want to gang up against Allstar, holy hell, fuck the morality speech, where do I sign in?
okay but that's not what's happening, here
Is that so? How many times have you and others ganged up against Allstar, Mr. Look at yourself in the mirror?

>implying i don't like all of you


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If I knew my society meme jokes would end up like this I never would have made them.

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I would love to ask exactly how many people did gang up on m4, since I only remember me and Artemis responding to him in a more consistent manner, and Virgo and Vader did neither start this nor did they actively join in this debacle, but since they had past beef with m4 (vader especially, m4 used to follow him around and respond in a nasty manner), they were basically lumped together. So the question is did people really gang up on m4 or is this once again a huge overexaggeration

but this is going nowhere, so it’s best that we leave it here. or m4 will again accuse us of talking about him in third person

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For me a gang up is more defined by timing not necessarily numbers, like 3-4 people actively arguing with a guy are enough even if the rest add nothing but a "lol" to it. This here being amplified by m4's preceding and maybe well-based reputation which nevertheless makes both sides increasingly prejudiced.

Like, I argue with M4 in messenger often too. He can be tense, sure, I get it. And this shouldn't be your problem but certain ways of dealing with this will only make him feel his jumpity stuff is justified.

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I've been having some health problems this past month and today the specialist said that all my symptoms are clearing up and whatever I had is gone now.

So happy to hear that and I'm glad I didn't have to have blood drawn or do any of those nasty tests.

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Glad to hear you're OK.

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Pratham wrote:
September 6th, 2019, 1:18 pm
Nomis wrote:
September 6th, 2019, 9:36 am
Pratham wrote:
September 6th, 2019, 5:18 am
I fucking hate Microsoft
Have you dealt with their licensing? It's pants on head retarded.
It is

Having problems with it during college is especially the worst

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Okay I know I haven't really been studying for the math part of the GMAT but like reading great classic and contemporary novels counts as studying for the verbal part of the GMAT.

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Okay so I may or may not have experienced what might have been my first sleep paralysis (that I remember of). Like I can’t really remember if I was already dreaming or if it really was some odd mild case of SP. What’s odd is that I can’t remember being very scared while it was happening and I even contemplated the idea that it was SP in my mind, but not I’m freaking out. It’s one of those things I’m really afraid of, and tomorrow I’ll need to be up really early but now I have no fucking idea how I’ll be even able to fall asleep. 😭

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