What made you Smile today? II

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finally saw andy shauf in concert today i can now die 4% happier

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Mark Rylance smile is contagious. I tried watching some of the Dunkirk interviews with my toddler before she lost interest and we ended up at youtube videos for laughing animated babies and sorts. But she literally smiled every time Rylance did one of his beaming wide smiles.

is there anything better than scorsese talking about anything the answer is no

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Watching the Dark Knight Rises again today for the first time in a few years and remembering the great Nolan Fans forum I used to be a part of before I moved to LA. Back after a 4 year hiatus. :gonf:

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https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comm ... h=5c3e28c1
"Hey bro, I was allowed to do this for anyone so... I wanted to do you, because you are the best brother ever and I love you SO SO much, so I decided to make Father's Day, Brother's Day!
Happy Brothers Day Bro! Love You!"

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cilogy's positive mood shift

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