What made you Smile today? II

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Dodd wrote:
This is a phenomenal Christmas short. We watch it every year.

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that's really how we count tho

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mchekhov 2: Chek Harder wrote:dakota pipeline halted


Good. I hope Obama feels even more spineless for facilitating something that was overcome.

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Law and ninja

a quality 24 hours of media consumption

first Nymphomaniac which i promptly add to my 'best movie i've seen in the past few years' list. wildly clever, surprisingly fun, insightful, life-affirming.

second La La Land, The Date Movie To End All Date Movies. lived up to about 90% of the hype which is crazy considering hype is at insane levels rn

third i listened to the new j cole album / j cole for the first time and whewwwww


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It's one of his most boring work tho. I'm a fan and this shit was straight to the bin 1 week in.

listen to forest hills drive. see the difference.
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