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We totally need a Christmas thread, prob the best holiday of the year.
Any favorite Christmas songs/films?

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I get stuff

Thus yes this is a good holiday

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This sums up Christmas for me:

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Yeeeess :-D I am considering making paper snowflakes and covering them in glitter to celebrate. And to give me something to do as my upper respiratory system slowly suffocates me.

This is my favourite Christmas song (also the first one I've heard this year, and this morning too):

I don't have a favourite Christmas film, though.

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Christmas is a great time of year! :)

I don't have a single favorite movie but Home Alone is one of my favorite Christmas themed movies.
This is the best scene in the movie:

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Law_of_4 wrote:Image
Fixed :D

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To me, Christmas time is most specifically associated with the time of the year great films are released with the greatest frequency, and because it only just precedes the oscars, people are more eager to watch and discuss films of a similar supposed caliber.

I don't get 'into' holidays typically, much to the dismay of my ex's, friends, and family. They listen to Christmas music. I turn on Trent Reznor. My cynicism gets in the way, it seems.


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Vader182 wrote:They listen to Christmas music. I turn on Trent Reznor. My cynicism gets in the way, it seems.

Didn't grow up with Christmas, have been invited many a time to join Christmas celebrations of other families which was very kind of them but it's not really my thing. It's mostly inconvenient due to the ultra-early advertising and excitement in the preceding weeks and with the shops being closed. But hey, those people should be happy/excited together. I don't think I should go against that.

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