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VHS. DVD. Blu-ray. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the future of home cinema. Cam-rips.

What makes cam rips so special?

They're available everywhere. Places such as the Sudan and Serbia don't have access to Blu-rays or even Blu-ray rips for that matter.

They're available months before DVD's/BD's are!!! Isn't that a treat folks?

Small file sizes! Most of these beauties come in at a GB or under! No more having to deal with those pesky 20-40 GB Blu-ray files!

Get your latest films via cam rips now!

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Dont forget; They're free... :tooexcited:

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the very definition of immersion.

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Avengers cam rip objectively looks better than the DVD rip.

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Cam-rip (on the bottom), Way better.

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Damn cam-whores.

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