What do you want to do before you die?

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Post in this thread. Pretty fulfilling stuff, now I can die a happy man.

- Have a job that I enjoy
- Live as comfortably as I need to
- Get to indulge my hobbies and make something productive out of it
- Make a positive change to the way people live one way or an other

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<<< V

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- Be successful as a female film score composer. Even if I never win any big prizes for it, paving the way for other women in that part of the film industry would be rewarding in itself.
- Spelunking.
- Graduate university with a First.
- Master 3-4 languages.

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- Write Something (Be it book, script...)

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Join the NASA's Tourism Space Program.

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< Getting myself to the point where I can jump at opportunities to get involved in amazing shit. Alot of us have opportunities but we don't take advantage of them when they come because we think they'll happen again or we put it off for a later date until we deal with our issues. Getting over a self defeating fear can make someone's life pretty neat...if you don't take yourself too seriously that is.
LiberNovus wrote:Live.
I like all the reponses in this thread but this one is the best.

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Merge this topic.

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DoubleD wrote:Merge this topic.

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MikaHaeli8 wrote:
DoubleD wrote:Merge this topic.
The one he merged it with

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