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False stories are being reported that a few Republican Senators are saying that President Trump may have done a quid pro quo, but it doesn’t matter, there is nothing wrong with that, it is not an impeachable event. Perhaps so, but read the transcript, there is no quid pro quo!
If it's quid pro quo, then there is nothing wrong with it, and if there is something wrong with it then it wasn't quid pro quo. Pretty simple. Get it?

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Reuters - Exclusive: [Indicted] Giuliani associate [Lev Parnas] now willing to comply with Trump impeachment inquiry - lawyer

New York Times - Justice Dept. Asks for Identifying Details on Anonymous Op-Ed Author
The Justice Department is demanding identifying details about the senior Trump administration official who denounced the president in a New York Times Op-Ed last year under the byline Anonymous, according to a letter from a senior law enforcement official on Monday ahead of a forthcoming book by the still-unnamed writer.
New York Times - Sondland Updates Impeachment Testimony, Describing Ukraine Quid Pro Quo
Gordon D. Sondland recounted how he told Ukrainian officials that military aid was tied to their commitment to investigations President Trump wanted.

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The Hill - [Federal] Prosecutor says Stone lied to Congress to protect Trump as trial opens

The Washington Post - Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying the president broke no laws in call with Ukrainian leader
President Trump wanted Attorney General William P. Barr to hold a news conference declaring the commander in chief had broken no laws during a phone call in which he pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate a political rival, though Barr ultimately declined to do so, people familiar with the matter said.

The request from Trump traveled from the president, to other White House officials, and eventually to the Justice Department. The president has mentioned Barr’s declination to associates in recent weeks, saying he wished Barr would have held the news conference, Trump advisers say.
Trump named Barr as his co-conspirator in the memorandum of the call along with Rudolph Giuliani.

Barr earlier falsely cleared Trump of any and all wrongdoing in the Mueller report in a news conference.

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Bloomberg - [Trump personal lawyer] Giuliani Faces U.S. Probe on Campaign Finance, Lobbying Breaches

PoliticalWire - Trump Seen In ‘Animated Conversation’ with [Attorney General] William Barr

Wall Street Journal - Federal Prosecutors Probe Giuliani’s Links to Ukrainian Energy Projects

New York Times - Roger Stone Is Found Guilty [of All 7 Charges] in Trial That Revived Trump-Russia Saga
Mr. Stone, a longtime informal adviser to President Trump, obstructed one of Congress’s Russia investigations and lied to lawmakers.
Roger J. Stone Jr., a former aide and longtime friend of President Trump, was found guilty on Friday of obstructing a congressional investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election in what prosecutors said was an effort to protect Mr. Trump.
MagnarTheGreat wrote:
January 25th, 2019, 8:31 pm

Get Me Roger Stone (2017) - IMDb


Roger Stone goes back with Paul Manafort a long way as well as Trump.

Roger Stone has a Richard Nixon tattoo. He was Nixon's dirty trickster.

New York Times - Everyone Who’s Been Charged in Investigations Related to the 2016 Election

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So I guess Trump just tried to intimidate the former ambassador to Ukraine as she was testifying during the impeachment hearing? Did I understand this correctly?

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Business Insider - Experts say Trump's attacks on Marie Yovanovitch during the impeachment hearing amount to witness intimidation

CNN - State department aide confirms Trump-Sondland call about Ukraine investigations
David Holmes, the state department aide who overheard President Donald Trump's conversation with the US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, said that Sondland told Trump that the Ukranian President would do "anything you ask him to," and that he confirmed the Ukrainians were going to "do the investigation."

"Sondland told Trump that (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky 'loves your ass,'" Holmes said, according to a copy of his opening statement obtained by CNN. "I then heard President Trump ask, 'So, he's gonna do the investigation?' Ambassador Sondland replied that 'he's gonna do it,' adding that President Zelensky will do 'anything you ask him to.'"

Holmes explained that Sondland placed the call to Trump, and he could hear Trump because the call was so loud in the restaurant where they were with two others.
"Even though I did not take notes of those statements, I have a clear recollection that these statements were made," he added.

Holmes also confirmed Taylor's testimony about the President's thoughts on Ukraine, saying he had asked Sondland "if it was true that the President did not 'give a s--- about Ukraine."

Holmes said Sondland had responded that Trump cares only about "big stuff." When Holmes said that the Ukraine war was big, Sondland responded, " 'Big stuff' that benefits the President, like the Biden investigation that Mr. Giuliani was pushing," Holmes said.
CNN - Exclusive: After private White House meeting, Giuliani associate Lev Parnas said he was on a 'secret mission' for Trump, sources say

CNN - Fact check: A list of 45 ways Trump has been dishonest about Ukraine and impeachment

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NBC News - 'Thank God': Putin thrilled U.S. 'political battles' over Ukraine taking focus off Russia
“No one is accusing us of interfering in the U.S. elections anymore; now they’re accusing Ukraine," the Russian president told an economic forum in Moscow.

NBC News - Former White House aide Fiona Hill appears to take aim at GOP lawmakers for ignoring Putin election threat
Hill, one of the foremost U.S. experts on Russian President Vladimir Putin, appeared to take aim at Republicans on the panel, led by ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes of California, who have repeatedly questioned witnesses about alleged efforts by Ukrainians to hurt President Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

She said during her opening statement in the impeachment testimony that "some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia" and its spy services didn’t attack the U.S. in 2016 "and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did."
New York Times - Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says
Moscow has run a yearslong operation to blame Ukraine for its own 2016 election interference. Republicans have used similar talking points to defend President Trump in impeachment proceedings.

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New York Times - Impeachment Report Says Trump Solicited Foreign Election Interference
The House Intelligence Committee concluded that President Trump tried to “use the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 election.”

New York Times - The Impeachment Report

NY Magazine - Trump Extorted Ukraine in 2017 and 2018 Before Getting Caught This Year
Giuliani undertook what appear to be two previous episodes of trading diplomatic favors to Ukrainians in return for steps to protect Trump from the Mueller investigation. The first apparent trade involved a meeting between Trump and Ukraine’s then-president Petro Poroshenko in return for a Ukrainian investigation that would exonerate Manafort, then a prime target of Mueller’s.
The next apparent quid pro quo took place the next year. The U.S. sold desperately needed Javelin missiles to Ukraine that year, and the New York Times reported at the time that Ukraine suspended cooperation with the Mueller investigation. (This is another one of those Trump-era episodes where a credible report of shocking misconduct immediately sinks without a trace into the vast ooze of other Trumpian outrages.) “In every possible way, we will avoid irritating the top American officials,” one Ukrainian lawmaker and close ally of President Poroshenko explained to the Times.

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