Obligatory Climate Change Thread or Are We Fucked?

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Nomis wrote:
June 20th, 2019, 2:36 pm
in a couple of years it'll be

Humanity †

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Fucking hell Dobson, when you compile it all like that it seems so bleak.

I get so much anxiety thinking about this sometimes and I wish there was something I could do to prevent it but any action I take feels so powerless when companies are doing the most damage.

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Yeah it's bleak as fuck

With the current trend - countries not even acting on their pledge to meet the Paris targets and carbon emissions rising further - global temperature might rise to 5°C/9°F above pre-industrial levels by 2100. The Permian mass extinction 251 million years ago was started by a similar amount (see start post), which then started other things to happen, like methane hydrate being released.

There's a good chance something like that might happen again, like, end of this century. That's not even exaggerated, just realistic. But shit's already starting to hit the fan, and it'll get gradually worse each year. Even in best case scenarios of around 3°C only, we're looking at massive floodings, famine etc.

And yeah, we as individuals can't do much about it. Most people seem not to care or understand what's going on, while others are even denying it completely. Reading their conspiracy theories makes me wanna puke. Politicians and corporations continue to destroy the whole planet for fucking money. It makes me so fucking angry. Enjoy life as long as you can.


This is probably the longest post I've ever written on this forum :lol:

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I’d say we deserve to die for what we collectively as humans have done, but instead of fucking ourselves over, we also fucked the animals over too, and they just don’t deserve this

I feel like the remnants of my sarcasm are the only temporary comfort I can have regarding this topic.

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But wait, there's more

The World’s Most Insane Energy Project Moves Ahead
Exhibit A: the decision this week by the Queensland State government to allow a big coal mine in northeastern Australia to move forward. The project, known as the Carmichael mine, is controlled by the Adani Group, an Indian corporate behemoth headed by billionaire Gautam Adani. If it ever opens, the Carmichael mine would not be the biggest coal mine in the world, or even the biggest coal mine in Australia. But it may be the most insane energy project on the planet, and one that shows just how far supposedly civilized nations (and people) are from grasping what’s at stake in the climate crisis.
Alarming new study makes today’s climate change more comparable to Earth’s worst mass extinction
In “High-precision timeline for Earth’s most severe extinction,” published in PNAS on February 10, authors Seth Burgess, Samuel Bowring, and Shu-zhong Shen employed new dating techniques on Permian-Triassic rocks in China, bringing unprecedented precision to our understanding of the event. They have dramatically shortened the timeframe for the initial carbon emissions that triggered the mass extinction from roughly 150,000 years to between 2,100 and 18,800 years. This new timeframe is crucial because it brings the timescale of the Permian Extinction event’s carbon emissions shorter by two orders of magnitude, into the ballpark of human emission rates for the first time. [...]

Burgess et al’s paper brings the Permian into line with many other global-warming extinction events, like the Triassic, the Toarcian, the Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Events, The PETM, and the Columbia River Basalts, whose time frames have been progressively reduced as more sophisticated dating has been applied to them. They all produced the same symptoms as today’s climate change – rapid global warming, ocean acidification, and sea level rises, together with oxygen-less ocean dead zones and extinctions. They were all (possibly excluding the PETM - see below) triggered by rare volcanic outpourings called “Large Igneous Provinces,” (LIPs) that emitted massive volumes of CO2 and methane at rates comparable to today’s emissions. The PETM may also have been triggered by a LIP, although that is still debated.

Can we seriously expect Earth’s climate to behave differently today than it did at all those times in the past?

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requesting title change to "We Are Fucked"

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Lemme grab my

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In a Colony of 40,000, Just Two Penguin Chicks Survived This Year
The birds, all of a species known as the common murre, appear to have starved to death, federal wildlife officials say, suggesting disruptions to the supply of herring and other fish that make up the birds' diet. A survey by wildlife officials over the weekend counted more than 8000 dead murres on the shores of one beach near Whittier, about 100 kilometres south-east of Anchorage. Local news video showed bodies of the black-and-white birds scattered on the beach and floating in the water offshore.
Fish and chips could disappear by 2050 due to global warming, study warns
The study said, “Oxygen concentrations in both the open ocean and coastal waters have declined by two to five per cent since at least the middle of the 20th century.”

The study explains that this change on oxygen concentration in the water is “one of the most important changes occurring in an ocean” and is increasingly a consequence of human activity.

These rising oxygen levels, combined with the rising temperature of the ocean, have been shown to have a harsher effect on the larger of the marine invertebrates and fish.

Species, including cod and haddock, face the possibility of getting wiped out.

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Sysmatic wrote:
June 20th, 2019, 3:58 pm
Lemme grab my
quality post

also @ruth: those badasses will take over again after us amirightoramiright

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