U.S Presidential Election (2016)

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I was writing a long ass message about this, but I deleted it, because I still haven't found the exact words that would describe how I feel about it

I'm just considering the possibility of moving to some kind of a desert to hibernate for the next 4 years, away from everyone
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She reportedly just conceded to him via phone. Which makes the Podesta appearance rather bizarre.

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Man, watching his speech now...

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Oh, God. Waking up to President Trump is certainly very unexpected.

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Fuck, all the Fake fucking Exit poll reports.

_ Prez. Trump

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Vader182 wrote:Trump did better with Latino voters than Romney did.


Presumably those voters are legal immigrants?

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Trump up only 0.8% in the U.S. popular vote. 55% of California vote still remaining to be counted and they take their time. It's the largest state in population.