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So Vice has gone to shit. But Journeyman Pictures has lots of material to keep you well informed.

Just watched this:

Should be interesting to see what happens on Sept 18 :think:

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RIFA wrote:I actually got by an article and a large discussion about some really retarded shit.

Apparently VICE are just a group of guys that work for the Illuminati and worship Baphomet and are a tool of misleading the people and teaching them fear and showing them horrible things in order to make them think less good about the world. ONE OF THE REASONS was that... who ever feels good going to horrible places and why do they never help back the people that they find in danger or in poor conditions...

:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

I kinda expected this tbh... people have a tendency now to find Illuminati in everything transforming it in a huge ass joke. What they do is actually worse than what apparently these "Illuminati puppets" do. Reacting like this over everything only makes people be less and less interested in this group. They don't raise awareness by any means, on the contrary, they bury it. Anybody could very well write articles on these bloggers and how they are instruments of misleading the population in making them believing that Illuminati is a joke and that it doesn't exist. :lol: This whole thing is just so retarded. Even the Baphomet stuff... the majority of people get scared of that God yet they have 0 knowledge and understanding of history, theism, symbolism, and mythology. It's hilarious. And now everything that gets popular (example VICE) gets shown the "MIND-CONTROL" finger. :suicide:
what the fuck is this reefer

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