USA Presidential Election: Trump v. [???] (2020)

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go get em' Mike!!!!!

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My guess is Bloomberg, just like Howard Schultz, is only entering the race to ensure that the Democrats lose if they get a too progressive candidate who questions corporate power too much and actually has a backbone when it comes to taking on social and economic inequality. The only constituency he knows is rich folks on Wall Street who don't need more help than the poor and marginalised.

When Chuck Todd asked who's to Bloomberg's left on guns and climate, I had to stop myself from dying of laughter because that kind of ignorance is stunning.The Green New Deal is far to Bloomberg's left regarding anything he's ever said on climate change. I get why corporate and centrist Democrats would like to see the candidates like Bloomberg, Biden, Booker, Klobuchar, Buttigieg or Harris win the presidency because they've accepted corporate cash to fund their election campaigns for decades as well but no working class person is going to see their lives changed for the better by any of these people.

Anyway, here's a piece by Mehdi Hasan for the Intercept in which he explains why Bloomberg is the, as he puts it, "perfect candidate for the Republican nomination": ... omination/

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