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READ THIS: Spoilers in Entertainment section

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Hey everyone,

With new movies releasing all the time, remember that spoilers for new films should be hidden with spoiler tags. Spoilers pertain to plot points, twists, character deaths and other revealing elements. Really, not much is changing in terms of the way we deal with spoilers, this is just a friendly reminder that spoiling is taken just as seriously as it is for Nolan films.

If you're new here or don't know what spoiler tags are, they're located in the formatting bar directly above the textbox when you're writing a post.


Write your post the same way you normally would, but now we'll like for you to highlight all possible (confirmed or speculative) spoilers and click on the "Spoiler" button to add a spoiler tag.

The result looks like:

If you're not sure if something is a spoiler or not, PLAY IT SAFE AND TAG IT ANYWAYS!

Our moderators will be enforcing these new rules and issuing warnings or bans for each offense. To report a post or a thread that contains spoilers, you can use the "Report" button on the post to report it. Alternatively, you can PM a moderator or administrator.

Thanks. :)
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I'll do my best with this. Thanks for the update.
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A much needed post indeed boss.. :clap:
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Kevin Spacy is Keyser Soze. Okay I'm done.
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Eames was gay
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the blood in there will be blood is mainly metaphorical

robert ford kills jesse james
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