What was the first movie you ever saw?

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This gem of cinema when I was 5
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Think it was Pochahontas (1995)

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I can't remember my first movie in theater (possibly Batman with my parents, I was two years old) but I remember clearly my first movie on VHS, the one I was aware of and the one I liked the most:

Batman Returns 1992

Emotions... :D

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)


I was 10. Quite old actually :roll: Probably that's why I remember this as if it was yesterday. It was ultra awesome to see a movie on a big screen for the first time in my life :modesty: Plus, I was a fan of the book which made it even a better viewing experience :thumbup:

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I can't remember, but after my mother it was some Disney movie (Bambi or Lion King probably).

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The first English movie that I remember watching in a theatre was The Lion King (1994). I was just a couple of months shy of my 8th birthday. :)

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I don't know.

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