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NolanFans - Actor's Challenge T3 (Matchups)

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Blanchett ftw. She can take it like a man. 8-)
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Jack Nicholson (redfan) vs. Cate Blanchett (mastervirgo)


Jodie Foster (mastervirgo) vs. Russell Crowe (redfan)

Send your picks by PM. You know the rules. You need 4 performances (only 2 that were used before).
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Didn't you receive my picks? Did I do something wrong with them? Or is Virgo just lazy? :problem:
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redfan wrote:Didn't you receive my picks? Did I do something wrong with them? Or is Virgo just lazy? :problem:

I've sent mine. But he still hasn't read them. He also hasn't posted for two days so I guess he hasn't checked the site yet.
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I’ve seen progression in every post.
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NolanFans - Actor's Challenge Tournament 3 Results


1. Jack Nicholson (redfan)
2. Cate Blanchett (mastervirgo)
3. Russell Crowe (redfan)
4. Jodie Foster (mastervirgo)

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to both redfan and mastervirgo for their wise game.
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What the f*ck. I missed the first two actor's challenges and always wanted to participate in one, but I never dreamed I could win this thing. Great :-D

But Nicholson with his brillant performances is easy to play, I wondered why he didn't get further in the past. I'm actually more surprised about Crowe who beat Winslet, Gosling, Depp and now Foster.

Thanks to all for this tournament and especially to Virgo, it had been a good fight :twothumbsup:
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