What's the last book you've read?

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Michaelf2225 wrote:
January 30th, 2018, 9:12 am
i'd like to adapt BM into a film someday though i'm not quite sure it's possible
good luck

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Michaelf2225 wrote:
January 30th, 2018, 9:12 am
Vader182 wrote:
January 30th, 2018, 3:40 am
I'm reading Libra by DeLillo. It's great so far.

It's thematically somewhat similar to Zodiac but unimaginably more nuanced and more complex, for those of you interesting in a literary equivalent to that.

I started a book club for my friends as a way to trick them all into reading Blood Meridian (which is a masterpiece if you haven't read it), so. Not a bad literary start to 2018.

i'd like to adapt BM into a film someday though i'm not quite sure it's possible

regardless, i hope your friends have strong stomachs lol

i've read: The Road, All the Pretty Horses, Blood Meridian and No Country for Old Men. have you read Suttree? bought it on sale a while ago but haven't gotten around to it yet
I've read The Road, but that's it for me and Cormac McCarthy. I wanna read more, but so many books so little time lol. I'm going to do a Nabokov binge at some point and read Lolita and the Pale Fire back to back so I can pretend to understand the Blade Runner 2049.

also, and I've thought about this a lot, but I can only really imagine one actor playing The Judge and he's dead now. Marlon Brando in his prime. Think about it.


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GRRM said this series was one of the direct influences for ASOIAF as well as being highly touted as one of the best fantasy series in general so I started it the other day. I’m only 100 or so pages in but the influence is pretty apparent like he said. The narrative structure with the POV chapters and the prose itself are both very similar. I prefer Martin’s though because Williams’ writing can be a little too lush and old school for me. Martin tends to be more direct and snarky. Even the maps in the book look just like those in ASOIAF. The book is definitely more in the vein of a King Arthuresque fable, but it still holds that political intrigue that Martin uses greatly in his novels.

Hayholt castle is an obvious inspiration for King’s Landing and it’s geography matches almost exactly with it bordering the sea. The Kynswood is obviously the Kingswood in ASOIAF. There’s a bunch of direct stuff that Martin used and I’m barely into the book.

The Sithi are basically a more sinister Children of the Forest and the backstory/history of the land pretty clearly matches that of Westeros. The main character of Simon was an inspiration for Jon Snow it seems. Both are low born nobodies that are destined to do great adventurous things, though Simon seems a little more basic in his characterization.

I find myself actually keeping up with this and reading it all the way through because the writing and narrative is obviously pretty good and GRRM’s recommendation has me curious.

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Anyone get Karina Longworth's new book? It came out today. Started reading it right away and it's great!

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So finally finished reading The Three Secrets Cities by Mathew Reilly (the fifth book in the series).

And goodness sake i was not expecting this book to be way darker than any of the previous Matthew Reilly books- it does not hold back with its deaths. So many twists and turns that just hit you hard, plays with your emotions, and by the end the book it leaves you somewhat shocked.

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