Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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But since neither you nor I know what Nolan would really do, the subjects kinda moot.
I just got off the phone with Chris he said he would not do it.

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No! Absolutely not! Good God! Writers unite and lets generate some original ideas for Hollywood! A potential follow-up or prequel to the perfection, the beauty that is Blade Runner, will forever be mocked as "Blade Replicant!" No matter who is behind the camera!
It's just a low move in my opinion. :JGLface:

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leave the damn past where it belongs :thumbdown:

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Ridley Scott intended to do some sequels for Blade Runner... he wanted to start in 2007 (the last date I remember) but he had some major differences with the studios so he sided the project.

It would be awesome to see Ridley fulfilling his wish and make a sequel. To make a sequel or prequel to that movie it's probably one of the most challenging achievements for any director including Ridley. BR still is mentioned as being the perfect film... If you miss some little detail in the sequel... if you don't apply the same formula... if you change the aspect of the movie... then people will probably bash the movie even if it will be more than decent...

On the other hand... Yeah... I agree with you guys on Nolan... I think he is the only director atm... which has enough respect for a movie like Blade Runner and I guarantee someone like Nolan won't fuck up... Nolan is too respectful to engage in a job like this and fail... 8-)

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I don't even know if I want this or not.

Very doubt about Nolan's engagement.

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Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro might be the best possible choices for the Blade Runner franchise.

I'm also thinking at Inarritu... he's great with dark and melancholic tones... 8-)

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Now, that did shock me. :shock:

Dear rumor, please turn out to be fake.

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wow that would be great! well all know what a huge fan he is of Blade Runner

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