Tomb Raider (2018)

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My hype has died down and I haven't even seen the new trailer. Just a gif of Lara falling in the water and Tarzan-ianging it out

idk, Jolie's Tomb Raider films were guilty pleasures and they fucking knew it, I'm not even feeling that with this so far

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"I suppose his vendetta, if there is one, really comes from anger and frustration at the last seven years of his life, at the mundane kind of aspect of his life, which is looking for this tomb, you know? He’s wasted his life and has missed his family, looking for this thing that Lara Croft’s father had the coordinates for," Goggins said of what drives Vogel in the film. "And you meet him not at the nascent stage of his journey or the apex of his journey, but literally on a Wednesday of the longest week of his life. And he’s just exhausted."
He added, "This man is ready to get off of this island, and he will do anything to achieve that end." As for how much of a bad guy Vogel is in the grand scheme of the story, Goggins would only describe Mathias as "a cog in the wheel, and what the audience doesn’t know is how big of a player he truly is. And I won’t ruin that for you, because I think that you need to see the movie in order to answer that question." ... -ign-first

gamesradar+ - Croft conversion: How the Tomb Raider movie is bringing the leading lady of video games back to the big screen ... ig-screen/

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It's time to accept that the posters will be the only good thing about this movie (this would also be a solid line to blow right back in my face if the reviews turn out to be good, so fire away, future poster, I even bolded it for you).

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The first one is just weird and the second one is annoying cuz it reminds you it's a reboot based on a reboot.

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The first one is bad. But personally I like the second one.

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The first poster is bad.The second ,well,Alicia looks like someone who has all the will and determination to finally build that Garden Shed."I'm gonna build that shed if it's the last thing I do.THE.LAST.THING.I.DO " Lara Croft.

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I like both posters. :shifty:

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Whatever is going on with her breasts in that first poster is beyond any realm of reality.

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2nd poster > 1st poster

Also I really, really want this to be at least decent.

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