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Yeah I got that they were being self deprecating it just came off really bad and the timing was bad too.

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The revisionism going on now about early GOT is a little ridiculous imo. Many showrunners / filmmakers have talked candidly about "making it up as they went along" due to inexperience. Recently in "Prestige TV," Sam Esmail, Nic Pizzolatto, Joe Weisberg, Donald Glover, Phoebe Waller-Bridge have all expressed similar things.

D&D have 100% made serious missteps in how they handled GOT, but now we're criticizing their S1-S3 approach to some of the most acclaimed and beloved seasons of TV? As prince said to me on FB, If people loved S7 and S8 (which, they just won best drama at the emmy's) they'd have sounded straight up humble.


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They have told the story about how they had no experience when they shot the pilot for years at this point, which was a big factor in why the pilot ended up being the mess that it appears to have been. I'm just surprised that apparently people had not heard that story until now because I had assumed it was public knowledge at this point that these guys became showrunners without much experience in tv. They learned on the job and some of that work gave us some wonderful, jaw-dropping moments of tv. I also know that some great people are being denied opportunities on a regular basis and that sucks.

By the way, Watchers on the Wall has the audio of the Austin panel, alongside with their own article writing down what was actually said in case you can't stand to hear D&D's voices: ... -festival/

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Someone on reddit posted the Sopranos ending but in GoT lol, it was something like this:
Jon is having a drink in a bar while The Rains of Castamere plays. Daenerys has trouble parking Drogon. And just as she comes in Jon looks up and cut to black.
I mean lol I can't get that picture out of my head now :lol: :lol: :lol:

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