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It's a
transition episode
, so it was bound to have a strange rythm. I really liked most of it,
I found the twenty first minutes boring, until Dany and Jon's face to face, but I guess we had to go through it.
Varys and Tyrion discussions were the highlight. The great call-back to season 1 is Jon f-ing everything because, well, honour, just like Ned did. I went in rooting for Sansa more than Dany, and the episode changed my perspective. I understand Dany's anger, and am ready to see her in mad-mode. Also, maybe this is the only way to beat Cersei.
Cersei was always going to push her enemies in their darkest corners, and that's why she's such a great villain. Even if she's defeated, the price to pay may seem to much.
I like what they did with Jaime, I think life is much like that, you try, and try, and it only takes one choice, one minute, to fall again. Many people who die from an addiction die when they go back to it, one depressing night, after having done all the efforts to escape it. It's of course terribly frustrating to see Jamie go back, but it is the point.
I'm disappointed that like in season 7, probably for budget reason, we didn't get a good fight between ships. I guess because it's so different in terms of logistics, D&D'd rather rely on what they know they've mastered.

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I'm starting to doubt that this show ends successfully.
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All my faith is in the last two episodes. If they can pull it off, many of the stumbles along the way will be forgiven but I get more nervous with each passing episode.

Don’t forget, they pulled Battle of the Bastards and Winds of Winter our right after one of the worst arcs of the entire show. Fingers crossed.


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Vader182 wrote:
May 6th, 2019, 4:21 am
All my faith is in the last two episodes. If they can pull it off, many of the stumbles along the way will be forgiven but I get more nervous with each passing episode.

Don’t forget, they pulled Battle of the Bastards and Winds of Winter our right after one of the worst arcs of the entire show. Fingers crossed.

They didn't do this in Season 7 though.

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Euron is such a shitty character, if you even want to call him that. He has done more harm to Dany than the Night King smh. He doesn't deserve to kill a dragon. Thanks, I hate it.

This is currently the lowest rated episode of GoT on imdb.

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Interesting how D&D learned GRRM’s endgame after S3’s production and before the fourth.
Last S3 Dany scene: Mhysa Crowdsurfing
First S4 Dany scene: Mass crucifixion of Masters
They were not going in that direction lol. But I wouldn’t call it rushed. Always felt she would be a terrible ruler. I think there’s a lot of proper setup for this arc

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Dobson wrote:
May 6th, 2019, 7:08 am

This is currently the lowest rated episode of GoT on imdb.
If you look at the detail on IMDb, many people voted 1/10 before the episode released, including "IMDb 1000 voters". So, it mostly shows that some fans turned into haters.

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I'm one of those who liked the previous episode. At least for the most part. But this? This is the worst episode of Game of Thrones I've seen. Terrible writing throughout.
- The entire 'party after the battle' thing was so weirdly put together. Everybody is like ten times more drunk than Tyrion has ever been, by the looks of it. Why did they feel the need to make so much humor around drunk people when they've never done that before?
- I get that Jon wanted to tell Sansa and Arya about himself, but it makes no sense that Sansa told Tyrion.
- I really don't understand Bronn's character arch. They made him a funny, likeable dude who gets along really well with both Tyrion and Jaime, and the whole 'money over everything' persona doesn't fit in at all in that scene.
- Euron just showing up out of nowhere - again... So fucking lazy and boring. And how did Dany not see him, and how did Bran not know about this? If they're not gonna use Bran's powers as a tool they should have just killed him off last episode. He's literally the most powerful person now.
- Rhaegal officialy gets the lamest death of the series while Drogon dodges every single spear
- Fucking Ghost man... Terrible treatment.
- Tyrion not accepting the truth from Varys regarding Dany. It's extremely easy to understand, and Tyrion is supposed to be one of the smartest, if not the smartest character in the show.

Also, if Jaime doesn't ride to King's Landing to kill Cercei I'll never forgive them. Him somehow wanting back to her because he learns about even more terrible things she's done, just doesn't make sense.

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Numbers wrote:
May 6th, 2019, 12:53 am
Now Where Was I ? wrote:
May 5th, 2019, 11:01 pm
Mad Queen stuff is lit. Everything else sucked.

They destroyed Jaime’s entire growth in one scène...
Pretty sure Jaime is headed to King's Landing to off Cersei.
Definitely it has to be this. D&D are just trying to fool us.
He would have immediately realized that he had a unique opportunity to end a war and save innocent lives, just like during Robert's Rebellion. If he revealed that he was going to King's Landing to do some good old fashioned Queenslaying, Brienne would have wanted to tag along with him. So he drives her away by saying he's not a good man.

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Usually I'm a GoT apologist and I didn't hate the last episode, but fuck this was so bizarre I'm sitting here motionless lmao
I'll NEVER forgive Jon for playing Ghost so dirty. Not even a fucking hug or a pet on the head or ANYTHING fuck
Some really bizarre melodramatic writing in this episode.
Bronn is so fucking stupid I actually felt physically uncomfortable watching his weird antics with Tyrion and Jaime at the table.
I actually hate Tyrion for being dumb for Cersei all over again. It makes sense regarding their fucked family dynamics, and Tyrion has an optimistic bone in his body, but holy shit you'd think he was smarter than that. Things would've gone the way they did even if he didn't approach the castle gates, but I just hate him for even trying. And don't even begin with Jaime. When he left for King's Landing, I thought the guy set out to finally finish Cersei off, but apparently he's still crazy for her and undid his whole arc and character growth for..... whatever reasons. I still hope my initial reaction is the correct one, but dammit.
I do think, hovewer, Sansa telling Tyrion the truth makes sense. There really wasn't anyone else for her to talk to. Jon's beyond help atm. Sansa obviously is alerted by Dany, and sees through her and Jon's collective bullshit caused by their love and Jon's own dumbassery and drop of old values and loyalty to his family, and given her history with Tyrion, trusts him enough to give this a shot. And it works (sorta), Tyrion is definitely troubled by this knowledge, despite still remaining loyal to Dany. It's just that I struggle to see why this should matter the way it was presented to us, as there's so little time left.

I do think Sansa repeatedly doing the surprised Pikachu thing about Dany helping them with the Night King is stupid. She might be the mad queen 2.0 incoming, but she honestly was of insanely tremendous help, and it's beyond dumb to hold onto this drama at this point.
Idk if I'm communicating this well, but the show does the weird thing of ignoring naturally intense moments for fake suspense building on things that don't pay off super well - we just know this or that is about to happen, but the important stuff is left neglected. The whole debacle at the castle gates was just weird - we KNEW Missandei was going to die and Cersei remain a bitch, but it was weird to witness them try once again, as if trying to incite hope for actual surprise change, but it never does anything because you immediately know how it's going to turn out so it feels like a waste of time. Idk.

Also same thing, but opposite regarding Rhaegal. His death came as a bit of a shock for a couple of reasons, but there is absolutely no impact to his death within the actual story, so to speak. He died SO easily (so easily I actually doubt he is even dead lmao idk), and the death of yet another dragon was supposed to be a massive tragedy given their massive strength and power, but everyone's just like "oh he is dead ;~~~((( ok let's move forward". I feel like they legitimately probably killed him off and tried to shock audiences, but it backfired so it didn't even feel real.
There's enough drama for this to last at least another couple of seasons, and everyone probably should've known that. I think I guess this show never really stood the chance to being wrapped up very tightly - obviously the show can't go on forever and I'm not speaking from the angle of wanting MORE as a fan, it's just that there is still so much it might be near impossible to give this a satisfying end that would feel earned. Hopefully I'm super wrong and it's just how I feel atm.

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