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The Prince That Was Promised
A bleeding star in the skies. (also mentioned is being born beneath a bleeding star)

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The music they used in KL was probably the most inspired and brilliant piece they've used on this show to date.

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Djawadi killed that episode. Oldtown theme, the flashback Music and the ending were incredible also

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Great episode indeed.

The only little thing that annoys me, which is not necessarily a flaw of the episode but the season as a whole (particularly the previous episode):
was Jon being crowned King. I don't think he is not deserving of it - he is one of my favorite characters. I just found it unsatisfying that his big moment should come during one of the worst seasons (w.r.t. writing) for his character, especially after the previous episode where he nearly lost them the battle.
My ranking of the seasons: 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 5 > 6.

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MeLVaNoaTe wrote:My ranking of the seasons: 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 5 > 6.

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Allstar wrote:
Master Virgo wrote:Damn, I had difficulty liking Ned Stark all these years. Shouldn't have judged before knowing the whole truth I guess.£
Eh, as a Cat fanboy I still see Ned's actions as a bit selfish.
Yeah it's a bit nonsensical when you think about it. Why couldn't he tell the truth to his wife? It wasn't like she was going to write to Robert and reveal the truth or anything. It would have made the life a hell of a lot easier for everyone.£

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Yeah, absolutely epic episode on every level. Get Sapochnik to direct all remaining episodes.

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Hopefully Daario gets his own subplot in Mereen next season. :D

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My only quibble about the finale was the lack of Ghost in Winterfell during the
King in the North
When Lord Manderley called him the White Wolf, they should have shown atleast a shot of Ghost at Jon's side.
Otherwise, it was a fabulous finale. Hats off to Miguel Sapochnik & Ramin Djawadi. The first twenty minutes, in particular, was so epic. :clap:

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The direwolves' absence is a bit disappointing considering their discovery is the first big event for our main characters and it just seems at bit pointless in the show.

I guess I understand the difficulties of working with them, I just hope Ghost and Nymeria have something to do before it all ends.
Allstar wrote:Hopefully Daario gets his own subplot in Mereen next season. :D

The show finally leaving Essos to bring the entire plot on Westeros will instantly improve the storytelling so much. Can't wait.

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