Gemini Man (2019)

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Billy Lynn is really underrated, a lot of folks latched on the HFR and it hurt the film in comparison. It's not his finest film but it's imo a very good one. Gemini Man though is not worthy of him, I think he lost sight of the film itself or he purposefully saw it as a vehicle to use HFR on a bigger film and keep experimenting.

I just hope whatever the end BO is for GM (insiders say 275M would be breakeven point, I'm not sure it can make that after opening in most markets), it doesn't hurt his next film. Thrilla In Manila is one I hope he gets to make in HFR.

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Saw it this weekend in 3D. Very bad script, Smith and MEW did the best they could with it because they weren't the problem. It was my first time seeing an HFR movie and it will probably be the last. It was not needed in a movie like this. And like others have said what happened to Lee. Hopefully he gets it back.

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I mean, it's impressive and all but it's still weird seeing an all CG actor, eyes included, made younger. I think the "regular" de-aging where they keep the actor's eyes might still be the better way to go with it. Although I understand from this process it's 'easier' for the VFX artists to create something fully CGI, right?

Anyway, I don't think I'll see this in theater so I'll see it a couple of months from now. Wonder if it'll be possible to torrent in proper HFR?

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For the most part, I was pretty convinced that young Will Smith was a character in the movie instead of a CG manifestation. However, there is one scene at the tail-end of the movie where the CGI was god awful, especially considering how he looked for the rest of the movie. It was as though the VFX team was like "We've already poured our heart and soul into the rest of the movie, don't bother too much with this part". Paired with the HFR, which impressed me a lot during the action scenes, this was a technical marvel of a movie. Just wish it was utilized with a different script.

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I saw this too. Movie was shit, but I was pretty fascinated by the 120FPS. About 75% of the time it looked overwhelmingly vivid, visceral, real and alive. There are filmmakers who can deploy this format to dizzying heights, chief among them somebody like James Cameron. The other 25% of the time it was distracting and very bad.

nobody prepared me for how insane the dialogue is


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oh lol

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Yea, this wasn't good. I just saw regular 2D because high-frame rate 3D wasn't close by to me. Had some interesting action but such a boring, tepid plot.

It is such a disappointing effort from Lee, who has made so many films I really liked. It seems like he has become like Lucas and Peter Jackson. He became so enamored with new technology that he lost sight of the film making basics like the script.

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Well, I saw this the other day - Don’t know at what frame rate. I wonder if it was a 24fps version or 60fps is the minimum. It looked fine - less motion blur but it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. It definitely was pleasant to look at - the cinematography looked beautiful on the big screen. But I made the mistake of seeing this on a curved scope screen so it was pillarboxed.

As for the movie itself, I don’t know if I was bored to death that day but I thought it was fine. Not a masterpiece but I left entertained.

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