RIP Stan Lee

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He had a great career, a great life, and a great impact. It's sad, but he should be celebrated overall for being such an important influence in modern culture.

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See you in the next one, Stan. Excelsior!

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I hope Avengers 4 gives him appropriate farewell with one last cameo.

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Feeling torn up about this one, not gonna lie. I've had the pleasure to hear him give lectures and acceptance speeches in person, but still never formally met him. Still, his influence knows no bounds. Modern storytelling owes a lot to him.

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I can imagine that Stan Lee's last cameo will be in Spider-Man: Far from Home, which could not be a more fitting for the man.

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Haven't seen the source, but people on reddit said he has recorded a bunch of cameos for multiple films to come.

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If there's obfuscation around that, its even better cuz then they'll be a total surprise for everyone.

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