Cyberpunk 2077

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The role-playing game of the dark future developed by CD Projekt Red.

Gameplay Reveal:

E3 2018 Trailer:

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Game of the Century.🕷️

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Finally. Thought they would never going to release it this early. The NPC seriously in needs of some good AI. There so some pretty bad walking sims.
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This is the big one for me. No doubt it will be a day 1 purchase
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I'm getting some massive DREDD vibes from this. Feel like I'm gonna be exploring an extra neo version of Mega City One.

SO IN :twothumbsup:

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I still need to beat Witcher 3, not beating the game, is probably my biggest gaming sin this gen.

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this + death stranding = most hyped games by far


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aw shit it's in first person

could be a deal breaker for me

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Yeah :(

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