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Wes Anderson is reportedly readying his return to the director’s chair less than one year after “Isle of Dogs” opened in theaters. The New Republic (via Premiere) reports Anderson has chosen Angoulême, France as the location to film his next movie, which will mark the 10th feature film of the director’s career.

Angoulême is located in southwestern France and is the capital of the country’s Charente department. The report also mentions production is set to begin in February 2019 and will last at least four months. Anderson is known to shoot his live-action works on location, which would suggest his 10th film will be set in France. The filmmaker has worked with French actors like Lea Seydoux and Mathieu Amalric in the past. ... 201993662/

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I find it odd Wes hasn't already had a film set in France (besides Hotel Chevalier)

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I hoped he would stick with stop-motion.

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Yes please :thumbup:

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Dujardin perhaps

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Jean Dujardin in a Wes Anderson movie is something I never thought I wanted until now.

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