Midsommar (2019)

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I imagine this probably stemmed from A24 partnering with Apple.

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BlairCo wrote:
September 5th, 2019, 8:11 pm
I imagine this probably stemmed from A24 partnering with Apple.
That deal is different though - concerning new films being produced for Apple TV +. Not home ent.

I'd imagine Apple paid them a good sum of money for that exclusive...have a feeling it was between having it Apple only or not at all.

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So UK gets director's cut on BD but US doesn't. Sucks.

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Finally saw this

It was excellent. I have no idea why the general public was so lukewarm about it. It was much more straight forward than I feared it would be, it had great pacing and very well presented thematic subtext.

The cinematography was terrific, and the way it was putting us into the characters state worked really well. The whole cult was easy to predict but fun nonetheless. I know some people had a problem with the naivety of the characters in the story, but I think it was more important for them to stay after the first ritual because of dramatic purposes than storytelling logic. Plus, one of the couples wanted to leave immediately after that and had a proper reaction, whereas it made some sense why the others wouldn't be so bothered by it given their interests.

Also, it hit me a bit harder than most since my wife has struggled with depression so it really saddened me how the main character was treated by her boyfriend throughout the film.

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I really hated how
when she called her bf while he was at the pizza place, Will Poulter's character was like "She can't keep doing that. It's emotional abuse." I know It's a film and in this case it's fake, but man, one day on Twitter and you'll see people who actually think like that.

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