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I really really loved this. Peele's direction picks up crazy well throughout and I liked how the horror was presented with a "realistic" comedic side always behind it. The final act was awesome
the dance sequence is perfect with the music and editing

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The dance sequence gave me major Annihilation vibes.

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Absolutely AWESOME. Incredible turn by Lupita especially, so intense throughout and I *need* more more more of that's easy to try and compare this to Get Out and they do try different things, but I thought this was a lot more assured and ambitious and I really dug that.

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I really loved this movie. I need more time to think on it though. Lots of subtext and themes to work through.

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It’s really well directed but Peele sure ain’t winning à second Oscar screenplay with this

Really predictable and frustrating mythology... I’m disappointed

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What a load of fucking cobblers

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Really dug the first two acts of this, but really hated the third act. The score/soundtrack specifically was awesome, as well as the performances by Lupita, Winston and Elisabeth specifically.
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Just like with Get Out, I felt that I was kept at an emotional distance most of the time, which is why I cannot say that Mr. Peele's films have a profound emotional impact on me. This is partly why I cannot call them masterpieces of horror. I am sad to say that I was not scared once during this film and, while the film is well-acted, well-shot, and while I had not seen this kind of idea done this way before, some of the writing has some major problems: the dialogue gets really exposition-heavy and unnatural sometimes, which does not make the family dynamic as believable as it should be for you to buy into the idea that they are an actual family. I give the film this: it has lots of potentially interesting themes going on that are sure to lead to lots of discussions as to what the film is trying to say but when it finished I was left just kind of cold by the experience. The soundtrack was cool though.


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anepicmoviereviewer wrote:
March 22nd, 2019, 10:29 am
The dance sequence gave me major Annihilation vibes.
Yeah me too. The last half hour gave me a lot of those vibes.

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