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well I stuck it out to episode 4 where
something finally fucking happens :o :o
and now I'm intrigued

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I'm going to warn anyone who wants to watch Deadwood it's not a plotty show. The chief cinematic influence is McCabe and Mrs Miller, not Once Upon a Time in the West or John Ford. It's closer to literature or theatre in the weaving of complex arcs mostly the background, and even then they are a conduit for prose, fine acting, the spoken word, and rich themes at play.

It was hoped as a replacement for The Sopranos, a similarly non-plotty show, long before the obsession with "plot" came about. This is a dense work with much of the finest character and dialogue writing possibly of all time.

If you can't really engage with it on that level, it may not be for you. That said, I've known a few people for Deadotake a while to "click" with the show later in Season 1.


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Well I really love McCabe and Mrs Miller so that's a good thing to hear

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Yeah maybe just not my thing.

I find the show overall very "talky". I'd accuse the show of telling rather than showing, but because of it's lack of "plottiness" there often doesn't seem like much to show.

So yeah, I can see how it reads more like a dense and plodding novel, but I don't get much else from it. I think if the photography had been more interesting or perhaps if there was some other element that was more appealing then it would be better.

It's just become background noise while I wash dishes. On episode 5 and I have a hard time going on.

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Vader182 wrote:
June 1st, 2019, 2:56 am
The Deadwood film is a glorious but sorrowful elegy to the series and all it was ever about. As always, Milch's dialogue is pure poetry.


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