Top Ten Movies of 2018

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Best film I saw regardless of when it came out: Topsy Turvy

i watch films for two reasons 1) sweet escape and 2) reaching "the truth" through trying to get in touch with my personal sensibilities and what appeals to me as a filmmaking free thinking human, and topsy turvy just nails a lot of these points, such as
-relentlessly deadpan dialogue
-period accuracy
-backseat plot
-communication through action / context
like ^that scene is halfway through the film and it's the first time andy serkis shows up, without any introduction, but ya understand his character just by watching him. the whole film is like that it's wild

Best theater experience: Mandy

this is one of the few films i've been to that had the energy of a live event. so many people wanted to see it they had to spill into a second theater. the whole audience erupted in applause during the film, twice! the people were the biggest factor but Mandy really earned the reaction. that king crimson intro was epic, and the way film ramps up felt like a ride

Saddest film: Blackkklansman
same shit different day

Funniest film: The House That Jack Built
it was very kind of nbc to lend lars footage from the office

Best films I didn't watch, ranked:
1.Free Solo

Best films I watched, beginning somewhat ranked but less so as the list goes on:
Homepod Ad, for real. my jaw dropped when i watched the film AND the bts. that can't be said for anything else in 2018
Under The Silver Lake,
it's like eyes wide shut if kubrick didn't pussy out at the end. i'm 40% joking. rock solid operation and clean inventive compositions also land this Best Cinematography
Team Hurricane, it's like spider-verse but about teen girl struggs. 1.5 hrs of candy & emotions

Spider-Verse, life-affirming creativity in a sea of mayonnaise
Isle of Dogs, craft 101
Climax, i often champion the need for more films that are just people dancing and this is a prime example of why
Hereditary, winner of best use of darkness 2018
First Man, verb; underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something). see: underrated
First Reformed, funny how it's always the old folks making the truly edgy content
Ready Player One, i was very ready to be cynical but couldn't because it was great.
Incredibles 2, nothing bad can come from anyone who has directed the simpsons (he even lifted the monorail set piece!)

Film that most reflects life: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

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