Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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I assumed Doctor Strange didn't have the ability to create portals across different planets. Since he does, that makes him pretty damn powerful

Half the population aging 5 years and half not aging will need to be addressed in Far From Home
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I've got mixed feelings about this movie. On the one hand, lots of great ideas (maybe too many), funny scenes and great lines, moving moments and as usual, amazing characters. On the other hand, my first thought after leaving the cinema was "My god, was this movie ugly." I mean the cinematography, color grading, framing and the excess of CGI.
In the battle scene, they chose a terrible backdrop for something like that (it reminded me of the climax of Ready Player One), where there is a lot of debris, noise, chaos and you do not know what you are looking at. That's why it felt overlong, a bit of a bore, and most of the characters did not really have to be there. I'd prefer it was more intimate, more coherent visually. Maybe just the big four against Thanos. On the other hand, it would not work as well as a summary of the achievement which this whole universe truly is.
So I understand what they wanted to achieve, but I would prefer something more organized in the end and less overblown and fan-servicy.

Also, there were lots of inconsistencies in the earlier stages of the film as well. The rules of physics in this film often do not make sense and are very inconsistent with the fictitious rules that the film establishes. It's a nitpick but I figured it has to be addressed.

Captain America and, mostly importantly, Thor steal this whole film. Iron Man has the most important storyline, but there's just not enough of him in the third act, and his lines aren't as good as they were in past movies. Hulk is great at first, and then I started to miss his old ways and I don't remember him completely from the climax of the film.

Despite its visual deficiencies and storytelling shortcomings, I enjoyed most of it. It's funny and entertaining enough to be enjoyed and for the most part the dialogue is really solid. The main character storylines are well made, even touching at times, and the fan service is mostly just a visual gripe. Fortunately, these characters simply save themselves. But by characters I mean the original Avengers ... because for some reason, after the screening, now I just don't see myself waiting for more movies in this universe. It feels like it's over for me, and if the new X-Men do not make a splash, now the ball is in DC's court. If they reboot Batman the right way, then they have a chance to top Marvel for me. So far, it's a decent ending, most importantly a satisfying one. Maybe it didn't stuck the landing like Logan or TDKR but it's far from a failure and the die-hard fans will most likely eat it up.

Rating 7/10

It's been a hell of a run. Even though, I wasn't blown away by this one as much as I should be by what they had on screen but failed to properly show, Feige still needs a statue of some sorts at Disney for making all of this happen. This universe is unique in how it's run, gave us some great movies, many amazing scenes (and EndGame definitely adds a couple of more) and imo, they never had a truly bad movie in 22 outings. They were consistent till the end.
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Saw this last night. I didn't expect there to be a moment to
rival the aid of the Rohirrim to Minas Tirith, but there was. They already tried in Infinity War (Wakandan battle field) but I didn't feel it there.
This felt earned.

literally the last warning after this it's basically me talking about the whole film
I really liked this. The character arcs for Tony and Steve are the best they ever had. I loved Professor Hulk, fat Thor and even Hawkeye. Nebula got a great arc too.

Sure, there are some plotholes. 1: Captain Marvel could've just put the gauntlet on right after the Time Machine was destroyed. 2: Tony should've given it to Captain Marvel once he got his hands on it. 3: they created so many multiverses it's just insane, they easily could've went back and back in time to get the Pym Particles to try their plan as often as was necessary.
All in all, as with most if not all time-travel narratives, it is forgiven because most of it is in service of the story and that's what matters.

I thought the start of the film was surprising, the locating of Thanos and killing him. The five year jump was a nice little extra to let it all sink in with the characters. Hulk and Thor visually changing the most and for the better (I mean lol not only was fat Thor hilarious it ironically added more weight to his arc lolol).
Ant-Man was only annoying for like one scene, and often just plain funny for actually just being Ant-Man. I really liked that the dusted returned so late in the film. The fewer comedy scenes with the entire Guardians the better (that last scene with Thor went on way too long though).

Given the nature of the time-traveling, there obviously was a lot of memory-lane/nostalgia but I thought that fitting to end this Infinity Stone saga. The scenes in 2012 New York were pretty good, Cap fighting Cap, the best lines of America's ass. Sorcerer Supreme scene with Hulk and so on. I mean, given that there still were so many characters you do feel it when you spend so much time with one time-line that when you get back to like Hawkeye and Widow that the gap was too much, know what I mean?

Bonus points for Slattery, Swinton, Rene Russo, Redford and just seeing all of the heroes pay tribute to Tony at the end. (couldn't they just pick Tony from a previous time-line like with Gamora? lol I know it's not the Tony who went trough all of that but still).

Final battle against Thanos was epic. Full on war. I do think that PJ did the dialogue scenes during the battle of the Pelennor Fields better, because you still had a very clear sense that the battle was ongoing around them. There were a bit too many dialogue scenes where the characters were too much in the clear. Anyway, it was super badass to see Cap fighting with Mjolnir, Thor wilding both his weapons at times, the collaborations overall, Pepper and the other girls fighting alongside each other was amazing. I hope Paltrow gets to play Iron Woman more often after this, it was great.

I did expect Captain Marvel to have a much bigger supporting role. I did like her character, she's a bitch and cocky as fuck but that's alright. She's insanely powerful, I'd say she's this film universe Superman, so I guess there always will be some trouble with handling such a powerful character in any story, same as with Superman. I still haven't seen Marvel's solo film but I hope she will become an Avenger full on after this.

Sad to see Widow go... Johansson was great as she always is. Brolin was wonderfully evil as Thanos, this time full on evil for wanting to erase the survivors and then bringing back the dusted. Although, I would've preferred if he didn't dusted at the end but was just killed again. Just to be sure he's never coming back (unless someone brings his younger self (like even younger than the one dusted) back from the past lol.

I think, for the first time ever, I really loved the cinematography and overall aesthetic of an MCU film (first Iron Man film looked good and best until this one imo which I saw the evening before this, very fittingly).
The VFX were on fucking point, the Avengers theme was used very well, literally all the action scenes were easy to follow while at times still being overwhelmingly epic and the emotional pay off with Steve still having had his happily ever after and Tony's sacrifice were very much earned and hit me right in the fucking feels.
Best MCU film so far?

Hell. Yes.

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Okay I gave in and went to a 3AM screening.

I liked it! I think if you're a casual MCU viewer or a film fan who watches stuff with a more critical eye or even someone who only knows about the MCU through memes and online discussion, I think all these groups of people will get enjoyment out of it.

I've only seen like a handful of MCU films and I was able to get the jist of it pretty quick and all those emotional and cool moments still hit pretty good.

The theater I was in was packed and hearing the reactions was also super neat.

I'm really glad I got to experience this because I don't think we'll see another film event like this in our lifetimes honestly. It took such a huge risk to get this off the ground in the first place with Iron Man. It also took a lot of work to keep people interested. Endgame definitely is a great pay off after years of all that work.

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The time travel in this makes no sense.

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Bacon wrote:
April 26th, 2019, 1:13 pm
The time travel in this makes no sense.
I agree. The more my bf and I discussed it after watching it the more confused we were.

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Bacon wrote:
April 26th, 2019, 1:13 pm
The time travel in this makes no sense.
Completely cosign this. It was incredibly ambitious and I truly applaud them for taking such a risk but man.. I don't know how to feel about it off a first watch

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Time travel is a Macguffin.

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spade wrote:
April 26th, 2019, 1:59 pm
Time travel is a Macguffin.
Hm.. I don't know if I can go with it, time travel is heavily relied upon in this film. The time where it's used the most oddly for me is with Cap America at the end. I cannot wrap my head around how that worked out (which I don't think it actually does nor does it fully resolve other weird loopholes?)

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I'll repeat my question.
Is Avengers theme used properly, I mean in spectacular way?
No spoilers pls.
Jesus, tomorrow is like ages from now. I need to keep my hype on good level.

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