The Nolan Fans Film Awards 2018 - (FYC/Discussion)

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Lost City of Z is a 2017 movie. It was only released at NYFF in 2016. It's official theatrical release in ANY country was in 2017 and that's the year it is eligible for any award recognition.

As for Vicky Krieps... I probably wouldn't nominate her as leading actress and I don't feel the need to nominate anyone else in best supporting actress, so I'll just leave her there. If she doesn't count then so be it. Whatever.

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Eh I was gonna give it a cinematography and maybe a screenplay nom, but the categories are so crowded. Maybe there should be more spots than 3 in some categories..

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Yeah, we should definitely do 5 for some of the categories. Next year I guess.£

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Something has come up and I'm going to have to delay this a couple of days. I don't even have the time to prepare my own list yet. Worst case, the nominees list will be up before Wednesday. Most likely sooner.£

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Voting thread will be closed before the end of the day in case you want to finalise your lists or anything.£

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This sucks so much, I still have got so many movies to see fml

Guess I'll make the list anyway :cry:

Couple of questions:

Under which category does Dunkirk's screenplay fall?

Is Killing of a Sacred Deer original or adapted screenplay?

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You put them both in the right category.£

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So what's the point of the two stars? Does a runner-up count as a vote or is it arbitrary?

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It's half a point, yes. The problem is, that with only one point from everyone's vote the chances of there being ties, is higher, and therefor two or possibly more winners for one category might emerge, which is not ideal. This is an attempt to reduce the possibility of that from happening.£

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Better noms than the Academy could produce.
Hardly surprising though.

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