Charlie's Angels (2019)

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Numbers wrote:
June 28th, 2019, 2:05 pm
Oof. This looks awful.
I...yea. I don't know that I would use the word awful, but I didn't really dig the trailer. I'll still give this a shot tho.

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Most of the early reviews seem to say that it's pretty fun and Kirsten is the scene stealer. Good for Banks. Hopefully it clicks with audience and has a leggy run.

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I watched the trailer and other than the music choice for the trailer itself I thought it seemed like a decent action flick. If it gets good reviews I might watch the movie.

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Elizabeth Banks Says ‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Were Hits Because They Belong to ‘Male Genre’ ... 202190283/
No, Elizabeth. Your movie flopped because is fucking terrible LOL People love strong female characters, but they hate wasting money with bad movies

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People just aren't interested in Charlie's Angels.

The biggest problem in Hollywood right now is blind faith in IP. They mistake recognition with interest. Yes, people may know who Charlie's Angels are... but there was really no interest in seeing a new version.

Also the movie was marketed towards women. So complaining now that not enough men went to see it, is kind of a moot point. She should be disappointed that women didn't go and support the film. Her Pitch Perfect movies did fine because they were mostly good movies (three was garbage) and they were apparently more appealing for women. This wasn't.
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the fuck is a male genre?

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thanks for the spellcheck...

Side note: I noticed I've started to make a lot of these spelling mistakes that I'd never made before once I enabled spellcheck on my phone. Now when I'm not on it, it looks ridiculous. It's time to turn off the feature.

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