Halloween (2018)

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New trailer tomorrow

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They finally sold it for me with this trailer. What a year to be a horror fan.🕷️

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As somebody who does not care for the Halloween franchise one bit... I'm loving everything I've been seeing for this new movie. The angle they're taking with Laurie Strode is incredible. Also, that tracking shot is sick-as...

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Going in blind so none of the scares or kills are spoiled for me. I mean I watched like half of the first teaser they released, but that's it

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I've only seen the original, which of the many sequels is actually worth giving a shot?

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Definitely Halloween II (which is bloodier and gorier than the first but has the same production value levels and advances the mythology of the series in a big way) and Halloween III is pretty great, though completely different (don't expect to see Michael Myers). You can also watch H20 which feels more like late 90's slashers but complements the first two movies pretty well, ignoring all the other sequels.

I have a soft spot for Halloween IV but to be honest you can skip all the rest.

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^ All of that I stand by as well. Also, Rob Zombie movies don’t get enough cred, especially Halloween 2 Director’s, which is imo essential. Halloween is actually a pretty solid franchise, much better than crappy Friday the 13th and has slightly more quality than Elm Street (close second in the classic B-slasher pantheon). The usual rule works for every franchise, start with one, see everything else chronogically as part of the research, it’s a fun, if bumpy ride.🕷️

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Carpenter's Halloween is the only one you need seeing.

Don't bother with Zombie's trash or eveything else that followed.

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