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No im pretty sure that's his, he's supposed to be this Watchmen's Comedian in terms of inciting-death-plot-device and moraly complex personality to be mourned, etc.

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Master Virgo wrote:
October 15th, 2019, 10:24 am
Question: So is there gonna be blue dong in an episode or what?

Lindelof: If there’s not a blue dong by episode 2, I’m clearly not qualified to do this job.
This was such a cheat lol. I thought Manhattan is going to show up by episode 2 :problem:

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Think I might wait a couple of weeks and binge this.

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my monkey brain is still proccessing the graphic novel and now this

all i wanna say is that people going nuts over the whole rorschach and seventh kavalry thing brings me joy 💛

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Digging it, but the Jeremy Irons scenes are little weird right now through two episodes. If you have no familiarity with prior Watchmen stuff, it seems like something from a totally different show and really disconnect from the main narrative focusing on Regina King and the Seventh Kavalry

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Lindelof, miss a bulls-eye just once. The pacing, the focus, the richness, the confidence. This show is next level. Jean Smart rules.

I agree with many critics that this is the first episode to really give you the experience of the comic, specifically in how the comic would have these ultra-focused chapters that criss-crossed with other chapters and POVs, which obv Lindelof perfected with Leftovers and LOST.


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That was a near perfect episode

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Didn't like this episode as much as the previous two, a little bit too much exposition regarding events that we already knew about.

But Jean Smart rules, is a correct statement.

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Best one so far and will be a very hard one to ever top rhythm/pacing wise

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