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Watched the first episode and... I got disinterested quickly. My knowledge of the lore is minimal and the names of different kingdoms meant nothing to me, neither what their conflicts were about and the show didn't make me care. Maybe it's better for fans of the world but I fear newcomers like me might not get into it. I'll probably finish this some time in the future since most people in Poland will be talking about it at their workplace but since I'm on my Christmas holiday till January, I'm in no rush.

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Episode 1 is so far a very good adaptation of the source material. This is exactly I've always pictured The Last Wish cinematically.

Cavill also seems to embodies the character, through and through.

But I can understand if its just not the thing for some. Its a pretty stiff and serious affair, but that's like exactly how Sapkowski writes his novels. So, in that way, it's very faithful.

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Really dig the first ep. And Cavill is actually quite a solid Geralt.

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Never read the books or played the games...Watched the first two episodes...first was pretty good. Lot of world building to get through, but enjoyed Henry Cavill.
It was weird episode though that introduced us to a lot of characters and a lot of them were dead by the end of the episode.
The second wasn't very good though. The Witcher was barely in the episode, and there was a lot of stuff about Elves. Also, the scenes with the girls learning to use magic was kinda boring. I know it will connect later to the overall story, but it seemed disconnect from the main character, the Witcher. We just meet him in last episode and would of been better to learn more about him in the follow up.

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S01E05 and S01E06 are my favorites so far. Two more to go!

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I'm at EP3, I like this show a lot idk why. Is this a game? or a book series.. There's a lot of weird shit going on

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Law wrote:
December 22nd, 2019, 10:32 am
I'm at EP3, I like this show a lot idk why. Is this a game? or a book series.. There's a lot of weird shit going on
Both. But books were first. Welcome aboard, it only gets better!

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1-3 are good-ish but plenty was off and I was growing more and more disappointed by how they seem to try to jump right into the kind of story (with multiple threads and a ton of characters with their own perspectives and origins and etc etc) that it eventually became only after the first two books... Geralt, the intimate romance of his profession and and the slow and simple method with which the books (and later the games too, like, remember it takes CDPR TWO games before they ever get to Yenn or Ciri) explore that world through him - those were all getting lost for me in between the Yenn and Ciri stuff that didn't at all "connect" with anything other than through somewhat meaningful cross-cutting that still only confused me more.

But then you see Ep4 (my fave so far) and, if not "why", then at least you understand how the story is told and now i'm pretty impressed and hopeful about the rest of it. Like, I still wish it didn't rush and try to compete with GOT in terms of scale (obviously people love the slow type of shit too since they love Mando), but it looks like it's gonna be pretty interesting once it gets where it's going.

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Guts from Berserk just watches silently and then walks away.

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I really love it when they keep the eye colours as depicted in the source material. It really bothered me with both Potter and Rings where almost none of the eye colours were accurate. lol

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