Dune (2020)

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I'm seriously trying to think of what a modern remake could give Metropolis that it doesn't already have

I give up

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ChristNolan wrote:It's really not. The film version of Dune is not comparable to Metropolis. One is considered a golioith of film, a cornerstone, the other...not so much. To say that because the former needs a remake, we might as well remake the latter doesn't really make much sense.
What you just said is further evidence why your previous comparison makes no sense. You're thinking it wrong when you imply that I claimed Dune is comparable to Metropolis.

Let me write it down.

Dune is a cult-classic but still flawed film. Dune would benefit from a remake if you have a good director involved that can make use of today's technology and can shove a more coherent story on the screen.

Metropolis is an aged-classic that's still solid in concept by today's standards. But with today's technology, Metropolis would really be a fantastic experience in IMAX if you keep the core of it's setting and the overall aesthetic.

Both are science-fiction films for which you can always make a case for a remake given the gap in technology.

But then you went on and made a comparison to Scarface and Godfather which are crime-drama films. The comparison itself is good if you ignore the genre because you can argue that Dune is for Metropolis what Scarface is for Godfather. Although I'd say the gap between Dune and Metropolis is way smaller. Which is another problem with your comparison. But where it really failed is when you ignored the genre.

You need to have a solid ass reason to remake a classic crime-drama film. You don't have the luxury of involving new technology like you can with sci-fi movies.

So my case stands. The idea of a Metropolis remake is nothing new in the modern Hollywood landscape and it's inevitable I would say. If you don't ruin it by tackling with the story, concept, setting, and overall aesthetic too much... then why not? Godfather is problematic to remake because there really is nothing new you can add to it. Hence why remaking Godfather makes really no sense compared to Metropolis.

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Metropolis would really be a fantastic experience in IMAX
why don't we just do that

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can I

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If you want to, ofcourse.

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If you want to, ofcourse.
This right here, history in the making. :clap:

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heck yeah

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I still wanna see The Son before this.

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So a Chinese film adaptation of Dune, huh? Not sure I wanna see that...

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