Dune (2020)

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Dam, there must be real confidence in Blade Runner. After Arrival I'm down to see whatever sci-fi he does.

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Scott Wampler ‏@LimitedPaper 5m5 minutes ago
Good news headlines from later in the week: "BREAKING: Denis Villeneuve Announces Intention To Come To Your House And Just Give You $20K"

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m4st4 wrote:
Panapaok wrote:Alejandro Jodorowsky on suicide watch.
Maybe they'll invite him over? Maybe even use his storyboards?
Doubt it. He has put so much work into this and it's such a personal project for him, that I doubt he'd allow any of his stuff to be used unless he's directing.

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Sysmatic wrote:Image
Where do I sign up?

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m4st4 wrote:
Sysmatic wrote:Image
Where do I sign up?

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Omg put Inarritu's crazy head in there somewhere.

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At least this will be better than that Lynchian disaster.

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Haven't seen Arrival yet, but his other movies are fantastic. This is gonna be great.

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