Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

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Fuck yes.

I hope Cruise plays its stuntman

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Great !

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Justin Kroll
On the Cruise and Pitt front, hearing Pitt has already moved on due to scheduling, so its Cruise if he wants it

Wondering if Fincher is finally starting World War Z 2

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I'm glad that DiCaprio is doing this. It's been to long since he's made a movie. Now that Pitt is out I hope Cruise says yes.

Edit- Don't want to double post.

Justin Kroll
Sources now telling me that QT is also courting Al Pacino for a supporting role in the pic. Unknown Pacino's interest compared to Leo, Cruise and Robbie but insiders do say the director personally wrote a role for the screen legend.

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Pacino in Scorsese and Tarantino films back-to-back would be incredible.

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If he can lock down everyone he wants for this project, do ppl realize the level of legendary star power he'll have within his short filmography?? It's honestly unparalleled. Travolta, DiCaprio, Pitt, Cruise, DeNiro, Pacino, Jackson, Keaton, Grier, Willis, Walken, Russell, Keitel, Dern etc. Insane. You may as well throw in Oldman, Hopper, and the others I left out like Robbie, Thurman, Carradine, Buscemi, Waltz, Leigh, Fassbender, Myers, Roth, Madsen, Foxx.

Is there another filmmaker in history who can match that? :shock:

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Yes and his name is Scorsese.£

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If Cruise is in this I will be so happy

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Yeah Scorsese. Nicholson, DeNiro, Pesci, DiCaprio, Pacino, Cruise, Cage, Daniel Day Lewis, Wahlberg, Stone, Keitel, Newman.

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