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Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Eddie was absolutely locked in as Rudy Ray Moore. It was such a pleasure to see him return and flourish like this. Also props to Craig Brewer for getting the look and feel of the era down perfectly. The rest of the cast especially Snipes was so witty and funny. The cast seemed like they had a great fun and chemistry on set filming this movie. Absolutely enjoyed this from beginning to end.

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I've never experienced a quicker 180 on a film than this one. I knew nothing about it beforehand and realize now that it's not that controversial, but holy shit that third act twist/tonal shift is horrible

I was completely in love with the film until then. And I'm really a big fan of Garland, but the last 20 minutes of this ruined the entire thing for me.

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Dolemite is My Name was fantastic! Funny as hell but also had a lot of depth. The film really paid homage to Moore's struggle and journey in the same way Moore would have - through humor. Even when it touched on serious issues it never lost it's undercurrent of survival and optimism. Eddie Murphy put his foot in this, but I have to say Wesley Smiles stole every scene he was in. I had no idea he could be so funny. Dude needs to be in more comedy. Everyone and their mama was in this movie - Craig Robinson, Mike Epps, Snoop, Chris Rock, Key... And they all did so well in their roles.

Overall, this was a real heartwarming story with a lot of humor and heart. I'm glad Moore was honored in this way. I think he'd really like it.

9 out 10 because it ran a little long.

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The Blob

They really want me to believe that a 30 something year old Steve McQueen is a teenager.

The Lighthouse

I think I would have loved this more if I had subtitles. I look forward to seeing it again with subtitles. The imagery was stunning and I loved seeing Pattinson and Dafoe be so unrestricted with their acting.


I have not rewatched this for years but man I still love this. The songs are all bangers too.

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Artemis wrote:
October 28th, 2019, 2:25 pm


I have not rewatched this for years but man I still love this. The songs are all bangers too.

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y'all hear about that rumor in st. petersburg?

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I've been wanting to watch The Blob too, am I in for a fun ride?

Omg Anastasia is pure nostalgic for me now I need to watch it again sometime soon. It must've been some ten years since I last saw it lol

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The Blob is fun for sure but there is some stupid shit that made me go "wtf why???????" if you watch it I'll tell you this one part that bothered me lol.

And yaaasssss Anastasia has aged so well. The animation is so fluid and stunning. They did rotoscope animation and the film just looks brilliant because of it.
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lol I'll let you know when I get around to it

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Black Christmas (1974)

This was actually pretty damn creepy, and those final 15 minutes are a real nail biter.

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