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Nomis wrote:
June 18th, 2019, 6:54 pm
Does it feel more cinematic than BR? Sort of like you could compare The Death of Stalin and The Favourite. Both being satire and quite dark while also striking that sweet sweet emotional cord. The latter has such a cinematic look and feel to it whilst the first mentioned looks like an episode of a relatively cheap TV show, knowwhatimean?

From the looks of Rocketman's marketing, I don't really get that feeling but that's just marketing ya know?
I think your the death of stalin and the favourite comparison is way off, but rocketman definitely feels more cinematic

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I did really like Death of Stalin though

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the death of stalin is proof that god exists

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Late Night was a really cute little movie. Glad I saw this!

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Ruth wrote:
June 18th, 2019, 7:07 pm
the death of stalin is proof that god exists
lol true

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Ruth wrote:
June 18th, 2019, 5:46 pm
Just got around to watching Rocketman (2019). Lmao it shits all over Bohemian Rhapsody and then wipes the floor with it. It’s genuinely so ahead of that film it actually sucks because BR’s backlash probably turned many people away from this, and I think the awards won’t want to shoot themselves in the foot by recognizing another music biopic. Which sucks, because out of the two, that Oscar is Egerton’s (or should have been). It’s cliched oftentimes, and certain elements are just too blatant. However, it uniquely manages to use Elton’s songs to not just bring yet another ‘best of’ medley, but actually further the story, so that works narratively amazingly. The songs aren’t just reduced to concert imitations or background noise. The singing’s not copycat perfect, but it’s the actor’s real voice and that’s really admirable regardless. It’s heartfelt and honest, doesn’t rely on overly exaggerated melodramatics. Imo it does a good job capturing the essence of John’s personality, his past and struggles. Also, it’s a total musical at heart (which I absolutely loved), and it’s stylish and loads of fun, so it’s hard to keep your butt in your seat at times. I didn’t really expect all that much from this movie at all, but it’s genuinely a good film.

Also, I just cannot stress enough how much I love I’m Still Standing.
Saw it two days ago and I 100% agree with all of this. Egerton was absolutely brilliant! I also loved the way they told the story in this movie, starting with him in rehab and then have him talk through the most important points in his own life as flashbacks.

I expected it to be more like Bohemian Rhaposody, so when the first musical number started I was completely caught off guard, but I really dug it!

VFX were not so good at times, but who cares? This is easily one of the most creative biopics I've ever seen, and it's also one of my favorites of the (kinda dull) year so far.

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I still couldn't convince myself to watch Bohemian Rhapsody - I saw a few random scenes of it when it was on the TV the other day, and all of them were truly horrifying, I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm over-exaggerating, but that is how I felt... they felt amazingly forced, awkward, cringe-inducing, etc. I might one day watch it in a whole but whatever I've seen so far was really alarming.

And because of this, I'm more than excited about watching Rocketman! I don't know Elton's music, but I've seen him in a few interviews and he looked like a very exciting, fun person. I also love the Brits, and I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons Rocketman works better than BR is that Elton is still alive and he is not afraid to face his past, and he didn't want to shut down or change production because he wanted to protect some sort of non-existent image. And all the things you can hear about how living Queen members interfered with past Mercury-projects (the Sacha Baron Cohen-version for example) it's such a shame. Freddie seemed like a person who would 100% face his past in his biopic, and a person who wouldn't shy away from the depiction of his darker aspects. But he doesn't have a say in it anymore, sadly. So we end up with a clichéd, shy biopic about a person who is anything but clichéd or shy.

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The Front Runner: so many missed opportunities. They should've focused on Hart a whole lot more.

Christopher Robin: yeah it was cute

Kraftidioten: it starts strong but once it decides to focus on everyone but Skarsgård the story falters and the rest is just a whimper of what came before

Green Book: finally saw it, I quite liked the lead performances and the look of the film. It does give you that christmas-y feeling right where it should which is nice. Best Picture? eh

Glass: like a glass of piss

The Man Who Would Be King: Loved this, great performance from Connery, I thought Caine was too on the nose tbh, not that it's a bad performance or anything. I just loved the story, how it connected to Alexander the Great and just... Great, I love it.

The French Lieutenant's Woman: Really liked this as well. Great eerie set-up. Wonderful performance from Streep. I would've liked it if they spend some more time in (back then) present day because I thought those scenes worked so well.

El Cid: Another epic from back in the day. Heston does Heston best lol, Loren was very charming. I really hope we one day get a Spanish film of this story in history.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie: Great atmosphere, it felt real and sincere. A nice little story.

Aladdin (2019): Smith was the MVP, followed by Scott. Jafar was horrendous, give him a Razzie

L'Eclisse: Finished my Antonioni trilogy with this. I think it's the most brazen of the three? Anyway, Vitti is a fantastic actress and Delon's charm ever present. Really liked the ending.

Bad Times at the El Royale: production design and aesthetics aside, eh

Rambo III: a pure rehash of First Blood Part II but in a different location. Feels a lot more shallow. It did look nice though.

Under Fire: Quite an intense look at what happened in Nicaragua. Great lead performances. Cassidy is such a talented actress.

Before Sunrise: I love Linklater's style a lot and Hawke and Delphy have great chemistry. It's an honest film, touching and offers plenty of different philosophies of life when you're in your mid-twenties.

Halloween II: aaaand it's become a slasher already

Before Sunset: great continuation of Sunrise. It really has an impact seeing the leads nine years older and it offers great substance for the story. Great dialogue and that ending, powerful stuff imo.

Aus Dem Nichts: Kruger owns this film. I liked how the three acts were visually different.

Before Midnight: like it's predecessor, the nine years not only show but add depth and believability to the story. The more time spend with just Hawke/Delphy, the better. I really love this trilogy and I have a little bit of hope we'll get a fourth film in 2022 although it feels done enough with this one too. It would be nice though.

Heaven's Gate: my god what an immense production. It looks incredible, Huppert, Bridges, Hurt and Waterston are great and the rest is just a desynchronised thing which is a huge pity. With the right editing there still could be a firm film in here.

Das Weiße Band: Loved this. Haneke is one of the greats. Visually immensely pleasing film, too. I wasn't aware what the subject matter was about at first although I did wonder about that subtitle... Horrifying stuff that send shivers down my spine. A great film.

Katyn: what the Polish people had to suffer from the Russians during the war was terrible. The way this film was structured made the ending hit me hard.

Under the Silver Lake: a nice attempt at Lynchian neo-noir but alas

Ida: A film's runtime doesn't mean it'll be an inferior film. Before Sunset was about 80 minutes too and I might even say that's the best film of that trilogy. Anyway, this was very captivating. Subtle but effective lead performances and great ways of framing. Paweł is a talented director. I thought Cold War was one of the best film of last year and Ida was great too. It was nice seeing Kulig in a small part.

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bro wut? Caine acts circles around Connery in that film.

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I disagree. Connery delivers a more nuanced performance. Caine's feels more fit for theatre imo. Like O'Toole in Lion in Winter, it's still a (very) good performance but too theatrical. He overdoes it.

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