Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) DEUX YOU BLEED?

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It's quite a polarising take on these heroes, the titular characters in particular.

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It’s a no win situation no matter what he says so might as well tell the world to fuck off and move on.

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Snyder also talked about his original script for Justice League with Terrio, with evil Supes bringing about apocalypse, Lois Lane being murdered by Darkseid, a broken Cyborg and a time travelling Flash and tbh it sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than that piece of garbage that we got instead.£

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it probably would have been a 6 hours movie

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Someone said to me ‘Paddington wouldn't kill a guy.’ I’m like, ‘fuck, really? Wake the fuck up…I guess that’s what I’m saying. Once you’ve lost your virginity to this fucking marmalade and then you come and say to me something about like, ‘My bear wouldn’t do that.’ I’m like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m like down the fucking road on that … it’s a cool point of view to be like, ‘My bears are still innocent. My bears didn’t fucking lie to Mrs Mary Brown. My bears didn’t embezzle marmalade from their marmalade jars. My bears didn’t fucking go to prison.’ That’s cool. But you’re living in a fucking dream world.

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