Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) DEUX YOU BLEED?

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He's clearly not dead. You get the totem ending and it stops spinning.

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Cant believe what i just witnessed. The movie was a massive failure and disappointment.The critics are too lenient with this mess.The 1 st act was all over the place.The editing was horrendous! .Lex and doomsday were shit!.Ben Affleck was the only positive but i didnt care for his character as I did for Bruce in Batman Begins.Batman does fight better than Nolans version.I saw it 4 of my friends who hated the movie.I am so disappointed guys i really wanted to love this movie.3/10
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I think I lost all interest in watching this. Movie tickets are expensive and i'd rather reserve my money for films that I'm actively excited to see.

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Batfan175 wrote:I think I lost all interest in watching this. Movie tickets are expensive and i'd rather reserve my money for films that I'm actively excited to see.
Thanks for the update.

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Here, the movie is offered only in 3D. :(

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Dobson wrote:Here, the movie is offered only in 3D. :(
Well that sucks.
They only offer a handful of 2D screenings in my area.
If I only had the 3D option, I'd honestly wait for the blu ray.

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Watching tomorrow with a friend who is a huge DC and Batman fanboy. Should be fun.

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Screening tonight at 7:00pm :D

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This film was everything I hoped it to be, but better.

Caution; major spoilers in the spoiler tags!
I loved that the film started with the birth of Batman, a nice parallel to Man of Steel's first scene. It was just a great pre-credits scene and really lured you in into this new version of Batman. The scene of Bruce in Metropolis worked better than I anticipated.
You don't see Affleck playing Batman, he is Batman and everything Batman was amazing. From the suits to the car, to the jet, the cave, the gadgets, his voice, the incredible action, the theme, his interactions with basically all the characters he got to interact with. Irons is a great Alfred. Completely agree with m4 about that.
It's funny actually, it was the first time we see this new Batman and everything that came with it and yet it felt both fresh and familiar. And by familiar I don't mean the mere prospect of it being Batman and all the things that come with that, but just that everything clicked. That's the key, and it certainly clicked. Incredibly excited to see Batman turn up in Suicide Squad and of course in Justice League. Again, all things Batman were just.... fucking fantastic.

Cavill nailed it. He got much more to work with than in Man of Steel and he delivered. He's the embodiment of Superman, and I loved how they portrayed the world's view on him. I thought Cavill handled the inner emotions really well.
I thought the scene of him seeing the pics of Martha was really powerful. Lex' evil scheme, those pics, Superman's reaction; just amazing.
Supes' relationship with Lois also felt much more natural and real compared to Man of Steel. Although they had just met there, but the relationship showcased in this film didn't felt forced or undeserved. They have great chemistry. And, that bathtub scene :twothumbsup: Agree with m4 on Adams' arc in the film.
As for Superman dying, I wished they'd do that storyline but I didn't thought they would actually do it but they fucking did it. Such iconic moments, absolutely loved it. DAT FINAL SHOT, simply gorgeous

Eisenberg delivered an enigmatic performance. I thought that the more closed doors Lex was going to be widely different from the persona he puts on outside, but I prefer the way they handled it in the film.
He had a great influence on people, although Finch didn't succumbed (loved Hunter's performance). Lex's theme is really memorable and worked particularly well when he walked away from Supes' on the heli platform. They made Kryptonite fucking work, imo never been the biggest fan of it but it was handled great.
It was great to see his head being shaved, but I wonder what they're going to do with him in Justice League... I hope he can still play an important villain. He now truly is Lex Luthor.
Gadot was great as Wonder Woman. Her arc worked really well in the film. She had this mysterious quality about her and I loved how she interacted with Affleck. Gadot was sexy and absolutely awesome in combat. Not to forget that her theme was really great.
It was also well placed that she watched those videos of the other meta-humans.
Even more excited about seeing her in her own film next year. She already feels like such an icon on film even though this was just her very first time on the silver screen in not even that big of a role.

The score is beautiful, the returning themes of Clark/Superman were once again beautiful, new themes from Lex, Wonder Woman and of course Batman were terrific, Zimmer and Holkenborg delivered. The editing was great, not once did the action scenes gave me a headache (okay a bit, but that's because of the damned 3D...), the production design was on point, the cinematography was gorgeous and I absolutely LOVED that Snyder used IMAX, the scenes shot in it were breathtaking. Hope he'll use it more for Justice League.

I'm just incredibly happy with this film. It felt fresh and exciting and it had emotional depth.
One of the stand out emotional scenes is where Lois and Clark tell Batman that Martha needs to be saved and that Bats just can't comprehend what's being said at first and just omg dat scene, so goodgif.
Stoked for Justice League, I think it's going to work really well.
Speaking of JL, about the other members featured in this film: Momoa looked awesome, Miller is going to be a delight (both scenes were great) and Cyborg has got me intrigued. Oh and bring on fucking Darkseid. The parademons looked scary af. The Nightmare sequence was pure thrills.

Next stop: Suicide Squad 04-08-2016

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Yeah so I got to go to a midnight showing of this last night, but I'm gonna have to see it again before I pass judgement because I was half asleep for the first half of the second act. :|

the screening I was at was almost 100% needs and they all seemed to love it so that's cool.

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