Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) DEUX YOU BLEED?

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Law wrote:Are you guys serious? That's fake and from the mouth of Josh Trank.
I know. Was pointing out irony of even making a fake tweet like that.

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m4st4 wrote:Full theater just cheered at the end of this magnificent feast, what a glorious end to this long day. Snyder created something unique and wants you to pedal faster.
Your 100th short term "I'm leaving forever guys I swear" departure immediately followed by this post the next day.

I'm shocked.

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Prop everyone was talking about...
Michael Shannon puppet right?
That was pretty bad, my group was giggling throughout, they should've just shoot the real deal. Luckily Eisenberg knows how to deliver his literary inspirations so that was somewhat salvaged. Leatherface Nixon still takes the cake for me.

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I'm shocked at the reviews, I just saw the movie and it was great.

How the fuk is this worth 36% on RT? Was it too complicated for all those idiots?

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Shocking news, different people might have different opinions. You like it? Good. You don't like it? Also good.

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Dobson wrote:Shocking news, different people might have different opinions. You like it? Good. You don't like it? Also good.
Indeed. I was in a group of six, various degrees of DC knowledge and general investment in movies: two geeked out throughout, two liked it, one was meh about it. Some members from the audience were interviewed later on and from what I've heard they enjoyed the experience. Can't remember the last time movie felt like a complete blockbuster event, with the clapping and cheering at the end... Probably local Inception premiere. Just wanted to comment on cameos, the only one that actually worked for me and gave me shivers:
Future Flash
...the rest were ranging from meh to just okay. But I get how it was necessary and maybe, just maybe, DC will have a little bit extra on Metahumans (which sounded totally Morrison).

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What are your thoughts on Justice League going forward with Snyder post seeing BvS?

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Max Landis seems like the appropriate next step.

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m4st4 wrote: Just wanted to comment on cameos, the only one that actually worked for me and gave me shivers:
Future Flash
YES! I lost my mind when I saw this

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Allstar, I'm sure WB knew about the divisive factor from the get-go, that's why the lifted the embargo only 24 hours ago and let the general audience speak their mind (actually first came the fanboys). Now if you look at the infamous RT score again and compare it with audience score, comments on social media, dedicated forums and IMDb (usual suspects), you'll notice it's recieving much better reviews. So, right now, WB really only cares about the money. JL train won't stop because of RT score, Snyder will do the job and I'm not worried about that, despite the financial failure of Sucker Punch they hired him for the job to do what he does best: please comic book nerds across the globe. Hopefully many more as well, and again, critics are not that big of a factor for them right now. They will be only in one case, if BvS somehow doesn't hit 1 bil. Then sure, we can talk about script interventions, maybe even slight production stretching to accomodate larger crowd. Seeds of JL have been planted and SS/WW are almost done. After seeing some of these so called metahumans in action I cannot imagine anyone else handling Flash, Aquaman and Co. better than Zack, with so much energy and audio-visual ecstasy. Aside from that, yes there are some pacing issues cause there's so much going on all the time (never too hard to keep track aka pedal faster), but BvS is ambitious, different and daring. Beautiful to look at but with some real substance lurking beneath the comic book surface, especially in the first half. To finish this day, I'd say it's a better adaptation of Watchmen than his actual adaptation of Watchmen, not sure if it was intentional since BvS always seemed like a DKR ripoff - not the case. It's more Kingdom Come.

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